Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I found more ways….

….to do it wrong, get it wrong, and have it come out wrong. The weather’s been no help either taking a Spring time dump a-snow all over us. But it‘s pretty.
To chilly to take off walking this morning, I did what I had to do around here and waited. While I waited I had me an early lunch. And was ready to go whan a ride had finally come to take me to the shop.
Ugly still not running I crawled under it with a trouble light to look at fuel lines. Will likely do it again tomorrow also. While under there I found an exhaust manifold bolt loose. So loose I took it further apart, found what I needed o fix it and left it. Switching gears I brought out an adjustable low air regulator fitting it to the gas line coming up front from the feul tanks. Turning it on set it at about 8#’s or so I thought so I could hear of the air by my ear to the gasoline cap openings. To cut to the quick, while listening, and getting little or no responses to my induce feul line air pressure, I went to flipping the floor mounted brass fuel valve through the detente stops in that valve. Right away I found I thought I had a plugged fuel line. This wasn’t to be so. As I made flip from one position to another I found the left side gas tank. Flipping the switch more and more I found the right side. Here I had a a very big opps. BIG OPPS! The right side tank over full the air pressure pushing, I had gasoline come gushing out all over the shop floor. Oh balderdash! Disconnect the air as quickly as I could, run for the sawdust we use for oil dry, and scattered it everywhere I could broadcast it and then some. I turned off my trouble light putting away. I went and turned the air compressor off. Then commenced to move some items out of the way for more saw dusting and eventually started sweeping and shoveling up my sawdust mess into emptied twine bale bags. Four bags full when I had finished. Then it was time to run everybody out of the shop for safety’s sake for a thorough floor drying and over night airing. It was time to quit rather than accidentally strike a spark that’d light up the evening sky here where I often put in a whole safer day’s work.
Tomorrow will be my magic day getting my Ugly truck up and running. I just know’s it’s about to happen.
I got to tell it. We’re getting snowed on as I write this this evening. That white stuff is monting up perhaps over 2”’s worth.
Oh yeah, we’ve got our first calf of the season born to us this morning. Whooppee!

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