Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What else?

If there is anything that may go wrong, it will. Before I announce another disappointment, I had a good long night’s sleep. I hadn’t stirred even once, not even for a water haul. I had turned my computer on and there was an unusual long length of time for it to respond to any my wants. I’d even been denied my haunts. The cussed mouse has given up it’s light. To scroll up’&’down, side’2’side, had given up any hurried navigating functions. It is with patience I may write anything at all. Oh well! With another grind today to put in another empty feed wagon I got something to do around here taking my mind off a shopping expedition’s ride. Meanwhile, I get to add another item to my want list. (hehe) One more addition to my want list I’ll either have to write the next one in the margins or start another page. If it were a safe thing to do I’d cross my fingers for a tomorrow afternoon’s ride, very busy friend perhaps fitting me in then?
By noon I was frozen for the second time and ready to thaw my fingers out also for the second time. All the tractors I used yesterday were poised and ready to go again today including another load of supplements for today’s grind.
Dam, a movie Roman Adventure came on at noon. Myself interested little in the story the travelogue parts of the film were spectacular. Well worth wading through the rest of the film for the scenes. Swiss scenes were almost out of this world. And such beautiful art every where the principle characters took us. Darn darn double dog darn, I had grain to grind. Oh the architectures, the peoples costumes, the stone and metal art works, the street scenes, and country sides. Some of the dialogue when I (we) caught it reminded us of a certain young couple from long long-ago; a tall blue eyed gentleman and a particular dark eyed even darker haired breath taken beauty, the calculating hussy!
Giving up flick for anymore scenery I step back outside to grind. Everything about ready I drove all 3 tractors with their tows into position and let the shelled corn flow. I was an hour and a ½ in time from this grind’s beginning to end all the machinery working flawlessly. Some barn and wood-hauler picking up taken care of, let rain and snow already. A tea break delivering the ground grain wagon, feed my ladies, come in to warm and dry out.
Checking tomorrow’s weather forecast it calls for rains ending. Thinking perhaps wearing chore boots tomorrow morning to cut some fallen trees up for splitting lengths later into firewood, until dinner time. I‘m continuing to hope my busiest neighbor can still chauffeur me through near-by burg and on into the city and back tomorrow afternoon.
My day finely finished I had started out earlier gotten later. All the same it was a great day. Tux near soaked through from the outside rain and inside perspiration. it felt good just getting out of . A few more moments and it’ll be rattler time. Now before I glue my derriere to my favorite chair I had better check my laundry and bring it up.
This then was my lovely lovely day!
A very late but an interesting bulletin just the same.
It started with last night’s rain thawing away all the delightful snow that had covered all the ice covered driveways around/about the place. Looking back to this morning exiting the castle I believe I had managed to build me an unsteady physical problem. Carefully walking about the machines all my working day my knee silently took the abuse it would let me know about this evening when I decided to finish up today’s laundry. Down and worst yet climbing those dungeon stairs I was aggravation’s enlightened my limb telling of their abuse. Once agin done delivering to Her Mostess the laundry basket she may finish the sorting, folding, and putting it all away. Meanwhile, I have relegated my limbs to an evening of elevated rest.
This evening weather forecast the rainless day has been taken back. Arrggghhhh! I’m guessing I might better turn to loading the wood-hauler moving up to the deck before next weeks suggested heavy thaw making the front lawn a potential mud bog in the waiting.
This morning’s first writing was:
Good Morning……
...Good Morning! I'm was up and at it although doing it short on the means. Now the computer mouse is taking a dump. The Lazar light going out, it's had telling how long I'll be able to write or even cruise my electronic savings. Well, until I can either get some help or get away from here for the shopping bright lights of the city, I've plenty to keep me busy. As like yesterday I've got another grind today. After that I'll be working imaginatively getting into the next bit of trouble. Sheesh, like I've red and herd it before, "If it weren't for bad luck I'd not have any luck at all."
So! I’ve repeated some of my words. Get over it! };^))
PS: I don't know what made me do it? I got one of those wrong numbers today on my cell phone. She sounded like a young lady calling wanting the elementary school. My answer, "With a Moo-moo here and a Moo-moo there this is old Mac Donald's Farm." She apologized, laughed and gone.

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Paula said...

Wish you could share that rain with us. Spring is barely here and we're begging already.