Sunday, March 6, 2011

3-5-2011 Snow for a change.

(This is my journal entry I didn’t post evening last.)
Early on, looking out, it were freezing raining. Yesterday I was informed I had to grind today. Making a call, “Which gravity box?” of the two? I‘m told, “Don’t have to grind until tomorrow.” I say, “I still have to get fixing’s, the elevator’s closed tomorrow.” So he says, “Yeah but, we don’t have to grind until tomorrow.” Okay so he’s said, I say, “The elevator is closed tomorrow.” From the other end of line, “Oh, I lost a day.” I know what he’s saying, my own thoughts, “Gosh, I know what that is.”
Venturing out the deck, the ramp, the driveway are all slipperier than what‘s healthy for any poor soul endangering himself trying to walk upon it. One’s taken his life to far for granted in a slip and slid harms way especially a day like this one had started out to be.
Having gone to the elevator in the rain, I returned home in a new snow falling. Thankfully this new snow was just the wet ticket enough it changed the slippery face of the earth into a safe to walk on landscape. Whew, I had happy feet again.
Humidity high, a cold wind out of the north, The house is difficult to heat or keep heated. There seems to be a draft chilling one us from every direction. Frieda’s adopted a method of keeping the house warm on an even keel. She’s practically sitting on top the woodstove slipping a piece of wood at a time every fifteen moments to keep this stove just a jumping with spewed out heat. (LMHO) she;s a sight to see this day. Plus only 1:00 PM and she’s put away her third meal already.
Oh oh! When ever I either felt that good or confused I questioned WTF was going on. When I've been medicated beyond reason making me feel stronger and surer than, Man Mountain Dean, my thinking beyond reason I can do anything beyond my known reality's strength. Cognoscente enough I backed off before I've physically fouled (damaged) myself up real good. I was once upon a time over dosed with Valium. More recently my primary care giver having written me a Nitrate prescription plus also sent me to two specialists, each of whom had duplicated the first primary medication I was screwed up but good, my head and body experiencing all manner of wild and weird sensation placing me in to an unrealistic state of confusion in mind and body. I don't like going to specialists anymore. I’m (I’ll say it) frightened of them, as I doubted either one of them had even looked at their requested lists of my medications. Somebody tell me I’m wrong, this feeling?
Watched whatever was on TV last night? Had gone to bed by 8:00 PM, asleep moments later. Woke twice in the night. Refilled the woodstove and hauled my water the first time. The second time I woke it was that time I wake 90% of my times. Filled the stove again and settled in to sort my rattlers. Then checked my internet haunts and emails. Nothing much going on tuned in a TV movie on one them out of the way channels.
Now, since I kicked us off the first level the premium movie channels there is only one channel advertising free to us anymore. So anything other than an old MGM flick, they come with buco bunches of commercials. Holy cow Fat Man I didn’t know what I’ve been missing. For something rare and different I guess I’ll be checking out an occasional $3.00 DVD flicks in those in the middle of the isle wire displays right next to the candy bar, flashlight battery, magazine rack, etc leading to the supermarket’s belted check out lane.
So before I loose all credibility I’d better hang this up.

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Paula said...

I agree with what you're saying about going to different doctors. I don't think each one pays enough attention to what the others have prescribed.