Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy BirthDay Frieda mine

Sparing no great expense I took my beloved out for a special breakfast at our loco Connie Island restaurante. Making a special stop I made doubly sure I brought my honey safely home.
When I’ve emptied the jar, I take it back for a bee keeper’s refill.
While motoring over to the Crossroads I drove us a couple extra miles looking for a new kitting/crocheting yarn source for Frieda’s projects. Only lead I had gotten didn’t work out. Sooo, her yarn needs will have to wait until I have to make a run into one of the bigger burgs.
After a slightly early lunch I mounted the WD45 with wood hauler in tow to bring back a couple cattle panels from the other end for the farm in the hollow. I brought back three gates instead to hold the calves in particular out of the loading shed. That place has turned into an orfal filled swimming pool. I had even tried to plow a drain of sorts out of that shed, only to meet an icy curb frozen into the soil unprotected by the roof. For filling in entertainment I put assorted goods away.
Thinking I could put Ugly into the shop I found the freaking shop filled with another project. When I complained (nicely of-course) Tom admitted he’d moved this one. I asked, just how long must I wait for shop use? My Ugly truck becoming another junk for no needed shop’s use in the end. II guess I might better be making some phone calls for Haulster wiring supplies. That scooter already in the shop I’ll cross up the masses getting it going.
For supper had a soup in a bread bowl dish I had to cut with a knife. And finished off that bottle wine I had left unfinished a couple nights ago. I think I’ll have some of that pumpkin pie I had baked last night. Wonderful pie, pumpkin. As close to destroying it in an extended oven’s used heat. Well, it had still come out tasty. I’ll admit to nothing else.

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Paula said...

Hope Frieda had a very happy birthday today and many many more. That was so nice of you to take her our for breakfast.