Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Couple small Accomplishments

The humidity so heavy upon my face and neck today it might just as well been raining.
Hokem smokems! (I like these two words. I’m not sure if I heard them somewhere or dreamt them up) the obstinate Ugly truck is running again. The new junkyard carb, a brand new TSC battery, and some varied wrenching’s making a couple adjustments Ugly took to running again after it’s long hiatus sitting around/about the farmyard. New Ugly mufflers will be in Clio tomorrow morning. Ugly must have them if I am ever again to hear myself thinking when I am aboard.
I’ve finished toting in the firewood once more. Wood-hauler trailer’s empty for other chores. It seem’s a saint has finally come to my saving aid.
While I was ahead, it was a good time to break for lunch. After that taking up my bravery, haven’ made no calls for an expected need for back-up to boot, I backed down to the barn, and loaded up almost all the everything that I had one way or another brought up the road for use in my barn. So there it was Ugly loaded, my throwing all caution to the winds I took off. The Ugly truck ran well enough cold started. One these up coming warmer days I’ll attempt to fine tune it. Returning home I got right on the phone calling around for a couple mufflers. It’s bad enough I’ve got them nuisance crickets creaking in my ears, I don’t need those cussed cherry bombs roar to lullaby me (if they could. They‘s so loud I don‘t slow down passing a cemetery for fear Ugly‘ll wake the dead.. Calling around three parts shops I acknowledged a pair be-coming available early morning in Clio.
Already making a new shopping list it looks like I‘ve already got three stops planned, One of them twice so to fuel Ugly’s two gas tanks. Now, that is going to smart.
Supper wasn’t to bad. Having eatened we settled in to watch “Snowwhite.” And, during one the commercial breaks I refilled my milk and brought back to my chair with me a tin of Danish butter cookies. Yum!
Wow! That Disney film is as good now as it ever was back in the late 1930’s. Bah! One of them' brown eyed brunetted wimmin can sure enough destroy a free and happy man every time. Here this princess ruined seven plus one. Got-a watch'em for all the good it'll do? };^)

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