Sunday, March 6, 2011


Looking through the before light the morning window, we’ve had a 2” to 3” accumulation of snow what had changed from yesterday’s morning rain into afternoon’s and evening’s snows. Some Spring tease the last three/four days had been. The temps dropping back into the 20’s it were warm enough long enough to even hear a Spring sampling of Spring’s sounds. Once again denied a full thaw. The snows north wind delivered and spread across the landscape as it were a cake have given everything in sight a fancy cake frosten. Sure is pretty again.
Yesterday’s lazy afternoon will have me today, tomorrow’s catching up making me a busy fellow. Yesterday’s laid back image is going to be left back thru today and Mondays busily planned schedules.
The WD45 with wood-hauler in tow I’ve brought home the empty ground feed wagon in tow behind the wood-hauler. The Leland plugged in only a short time I feed the lady’s to kill time. Ladies taken care of the 4020JD is parked behind the house out of the way for now.
Scads of vessels containing tools, parts, fluids, and etc. cleared away it was time to start Leland and bring the grinder-mixer out. Turning an ignition key, the Leland refuses to respond. Checking battery connections I eventually get some noises for what little they do. Nothing’s turning, least of all the engine rolling over as in about to start. For three hours We worked on it Tom, Bro’, and myself ending with the starter removal for a pro’s checking it tomorrow. Meanwhile I’ve left a battery charger in a slow charge mode upon the Leland’s battery for the night.
Tomorrow’s ride isn’t looking good. Sickness abounds around the neighborhood. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what transportation I can muster up tomorrow.
Ah to heck with it. It’s more than late enough to pop a wine bottles top and guzzle it in celebration my disappointments.

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