Sunday, March 27, 2011

clear Sunny filled sky

A late morning continuation last night’s sleep or was it, a continuation really? I mean, or was it an early morning nap? Well I’m up now and up to stay. A most invigorating stepping from my bed. The house chilled this morning I felt it, feel it al the way to and in my bones. So, checking the stove there’s a bit of a fire in there. Stubborn as it was I poured me a up of crank case cup a-oil and threw it in over stove’s uncooperative filling’s. The flickering flames accepted it this contribution with a rousing Standing ovation of flame’s hungry greetings. I felt warmer already just seeing the accepted gratitude. Running on to late I took to my chair to sort for the whole day and drown my morning’s rattlers.
I turned on he ‘putor and once more attempted to down load photobucket. I had lost it when the ‘putor had crashed. Punching away ot my keys I finally had managed to find a safe word the net would accept. Then I’m wondering what it was? Will I ever get in again? Still worse, after I got in they whole photobucket format has changed. So, to try it out I thought I’d down load a couple pictures to share: our season’s first calf and Spring’s first snowfall. I failed. I see a whole lot of restless evening figuring this (?)latest improvement(?) out. Believe me! Maybe I’d be better off looking for or finding another simpler photo host?
Having waited the required time between my taking my pills the hour ‘till I may partake of breakfast I was hungry and ready to fashion me something to eat and drink. It was to be rolled oats cold cereal with a couple gobs of honey dribbled over before adding my milk, plus a cup of hot teat with another gob of honey stirred in. Yum! Carrying in my vittles to chair I checked the wood stove. Still remaining stubborn putting out any real heat I liked in again. Oh wholly crapola, the contents had itty-bitty flames this corner and that. I poked around in there settling what high and aired wood to settle upon the hearth’s floor. Then slipped in to the reassigned woodshed for a couple select pieces of cherry firewood. Now, only a moment ago I heard the fire crackle. It has finally decides to burn and meanly turn all my gifts into dirty ashes. That’s gratitude for you! Well, anyway the tea is tasting extra delicious this morning, or was. Checking the stove once more, bending to take another look inside, I felt a crick in my lower back. My waking ambition was to chop and cut firewood. That may be out. Had I over done it yesterday such pretty day I had reveled in.. Regardless the pain, I shall give it a go anyway. Further developments to be reported later.
I had my choice for lunch. A take it of leave it choice. That finished I was on the road with the WD45 with wood hauler in tow. I was about to make a masive dent in my wood cutting for next year. I trimmed limbs off the wind fall first so I could eventually be next to the tree’s trunk for some eventual serious big-a wood cutting.
Some of the limb trimming went well enough I cut most of them into genuine firewood. Trying to pick up limbs was another question. Their outer limb tibs a many of the jammed into the earth before it had taken on a winter’s freezing, they were in movable. But I didn’t come home totally disappointed even if it weren’t may be a half a load.
Home I brought a few pieces in the house to see it’d burn. It does that I’ll just bring it in saving at least on extra piling. This could be an up side. Then there was a down side a muscle spasm in my neck. Oh moaning pain. But then there was an upside, I experienced no lower back pains. In my recliner I’d opted for some of Frieda’s tlc before I started feeling worse. I’ve taken two heavy duty Tylenol for the return of some stabbing headaches , My neck’s wrapped in a three pound rice nuked in an extra long foot soak. This soak supported by a one open sided whoopee cushion. Sock-la-blu, I’me ffeeling slepy an thinking nap to further escape the head and neck pains.
He nap do me wonders. Woke yawning wide enough to catch flies if this were July. Thankful it wasn’t July yet I might already had a mouth ful of supper and lost my appetite. The house was just warm enough and even better a beef roast a cooking slowly on the fire filled my nostrils with the wishen I‘d gotten up earlier to have taken my rattlers on time. Here I sist setting down words so dull killing that time ‘tween th pill time and suppen.
Sun seting already hiding its face down behind the western tree line while saying good night I reflect the good hours of my day. Well rested my mind is thinking as short of the day I had used to some minor wood cutting advantage. I enjoyed myself as long as it were safe to do so alone for only three rasons. 1st the trees downed extremities were frozen down in that barn yard area where the ladies and their off spring had kept the snow so trampled the earth had its frozen grip upon that tree‘s earth binding grip in it’s tired and weaken sitting. 2ndly If I should make a wrong cut, even should I see even about to tobble I’d likely not move fast enough to get my slow bones out of the way. 3rdly for the second reason I; not taking any chances missing my brown eyes. Bottom line we haven’t yet finished our first fight going on all our combined many years. I gotta hang around long enough if it only comes to my thinking about the closing’s end. Enough of this turned morbid written thoughts. I only got ten more minutes waiting for supper, it’s sure ‘nough smelling gooder all the time. And, when supper was done, so was I. That nap has surely rested me up for a good night’s sleep.

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