Sunday, March 27, 2011

3-26-2011 Evening last

Whew , It is 2:30 AM. I’ve slept eight hours. After supper getting up from my chair for something or other, likely a library stop, I found myself in some difficulty? Other than experiencing some sort of off-balance-ness I grabbed hold a handy walker, kept centrally located leaning against a masonry chimney wall, to keep myself up right to continue making some steadier progress just as through I were normal. whatever that normal might be? Upon nearing my chair I opted in stead to lie down. Mysteriously I can not remember my even closing my eyes. I remember nothing those last moments drifting of those last moments before a sandman’s influence had taken over my mortal existence.
So today will be a new beginning another first day the rest of my life. Tummy satisfied I had put an orange, a fresh piece of pumpkin pie and a glass of milk on it. I am the fatted bull ready for a little nap before sunrise. Nite, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Belated “Rainbows.”

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