Friday, March 4, 2011

What the?

Starting with morning writing going on’s:
Hey! I woke up at my right time. Not early nor late but right in that little 5:30 AM window I so find ergonomically beneficial for(to) me.
Yea! Loosing getting nowhere interest in my fix the dual wheel tire airing chuck evening last, it’s fixed this morning. Do any the masses remember the use of baling wire fixes of so many years ago? Well, I didn’t use any of that handy old timey fix it material. In this modern day and age I used 17 gauge electric fence wire this morning working it in the holes from both ends. This was more easily done this shortly after waking while I sat here as this morning’s tears washed the sand out of my eyes. I amazed I could clean that tool out this morning where I I had failed evening last. Anyway, it is readied for use.
The weather people are talking all kinds of weather informing. Looking out my window and door I see nothing significantly different from last night’s winter scene. Reports of freezing rain coming from the near north and the near south, there’s none of that misery here. Deck and ramp continue to remain dry while all this forecasted weather crap has been befalling the country side all around us. Don’t get me wrong, this is of no difficulty to me. Sheesh, here they come and go again, with I-75 and I-475 express ways are closed do to black ice accidents, for just some of the all around the area. I can handle it by staying home. Hmmm, such is today’s Michigan weather. Schools and other public facilities are closed and/or closing just to the near south and near west of us. It could be if I can’t play outside today, I’ll have to play with the Cushman inside the barn. And (this time) make a compressent want lists for my on going repairs and grocery shopping.
Seems everything I touch needs just one more thing-a-mo-bob whatever to continue the last fix. Then thinking I got it made, here it goes again needing another thing-a-mo-bob what's-it to finish it up for sure this time......? Really....? These field fixings, that's about what these on the scene fixes amount to, as everything is so much handier elsewhere, for any contingency if the job's been moved to the shop.
Sheesh, all this fixing I been trying to do in reasonable amounts of time reminds me the first four yrs my bride and my union what motor vehicle fixing back then I had to do those days out in the mud'n'muck'n'mire. Is this just another prelude to my drifting into my second childhood?
Well, afternoon rolling aroundI got the dumpy truck moving and unable to stop it. Coasting it a quarter mile down the road I had to walk back for the 4020JD and a tow-bar putting the all pieces altogether so’s I could bring that sick Dumpy truck back home and park again where it’d set off the side all the winter. That caliper needed replacing regardless as I had a whaling the devil out of it time to get it off originally. I called my local parts supplier and I’ve likely got more than a bag or box full of brake line parts a coming in Monday morning.
I guess I might better be making a couple shopping lists, so’s I’ll be prepared if and when I shall ever get another ride. Not only in need mechanical parts, another battery, but also some grub replenishing‘s. Maybe even a stop by the bank to once and for all again try to get AOL internet off my back!!!!!
There autobee something else written here if nothing else how about posterity but I’ll be hanged if I can’t remember what it was now.

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