Thursday, March 24, 2011

Busy busy-Day

Unlike yesterday I was offered a ride. The driver (Bro’) had said he’d be right along. That was three hours later. During those three hours I plugged in the Leland and fed the ladies while I waited. I shovel of the deck, ramp, and steps turning around to sweep them while I waited those three hours. While I was shoveling, I cleaned the snow out of the wood-hauler during those three hours. I uncovered, untangled, and commenced to fill the wood hauler while I waited those three hours. A reasonably dry load of wood in the trailer I moved up to the deck while I waited. Shucks I waited so long I had even had lunch while I waited.
After lunch was given ride to shop where there was no free time to spend inside. Ugly sat all alone for another day. Now, I’ve forgotten what I (we) had done next. Hooking onto empty feed wagon we were our upon the road again, this time headed for Elevator and supplements. Arriving home, Bro’ dropped wagon, I unloaded supplements onto nearby orange plastic pallet, and I went on to other pursuits. I put the JD to the wagon and drove it out of the way, walked down to the barn a number of times, for this‘n’that. The tarps loaded with heavy wet snow several straps broke on feed wagon letting the tarp fall in. I had needed the box scraper to pull all that snow out of box. It was time for grain grind machinery. Leland started, all going well I set it all up for filling, grinding, and discharging. The grinding completed, machines shut down Some tops straps in pace to hold tarp securely tight over the wagon load, walking around the wagon for the other side, I found I had I had freaking well messed up. I had forgotten to close the wagons unloading gate. I had a monstrous ground grain spill to have out done them all well this day.
To Hell with it I backed up the Leland, secured the worm driven chutes and put the machinery away. Picked some additional seed sacks a neighbor had dropped off, and arranged some long handled tools for picken and tidying slippery my absent minded created mess.
Having shoveled for a few minutes the shoveling was winding me. I was in need of help. About this time Bro’ had wheeled in with a couple requested gallons of milk for us. He got on the horn and a young neighbor teen Brandon soon joined me. The heavy shoveling reloading the ground corn with a minimum of snow picked up in it, I brought out some pails for the final sweeping , filling the bucket with the mixed snow and corn sweepings for this evening’s immediate feedings.
Starting before 9:00 AM, finishing after 7:00 PM, wit a short half hour lunch and two fifteen minute tea breaks This was my day. Coming in I had had it
Got to add it was one beautiful sunshiny day hovering right around/about the freezing mark. And, I did it all in my shirt sleeves.
“Sharing Rainbows.”

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Paula said...

Oh my gosh its still that cold there?