Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mich Medicaid-care

Going to talk insurance for a moment. Lets start with the aged. When it was finally determined I needed help if I were to be kept alive and truly incapable of holding or keeping a job with certain expectations I could in no way go like a piece work dynamo all day long having suffered liver, heart and lung decease for years I was finally granter Medicaid, a state sponsored healthcare option a bit better than my expected option of rolling over and simply dieing for the betterment of lessoning societies burden of at least keeping a mind alive. Now that I have reached SS benefit age that Medicaid has been totally cut out of Michigan’s sponsoring budget. Look at it this way, it’s saving Mich. money. Okay the feds have supposedly picked up the slack. Haha! For one thing while Medicare was a help for some time, it’s backing off also. More and more benefits are being rolled back. Myself declared legally blind an eye exam is pd. For any glasses that migt help me see any better are not covered. I look at this problem as what good’s it I waste my time for an exame if there’s no hope I may see any better later. That’s one example. For another example, of the arther’n’ostio-rightasses I have three of them. To definitely define them research them to find and help or comfortably-ing treatments I’ve been delegated to have all these fancy dandy MRI’s, Kat Scans, Doppler exams, and (others there fancy names escaping me). Then I’m sent a bill. Oh I had been warned there might be some cost, but I didn’t know I was making a car payment on someone’s Escalade limousine. The nuttiest thing of all them evolves my Frieda figuring out the causes for my varied stabbing (ball batted) headache pains. Personal research into what the upper echelon medical experts may know and keep to them selves, different parts of the brain are ever so closely a-tuned to precise areas or parts of the body. Why then aren’t these secretly know facts being shared more widely than they are with the front line family caregiver physician.
So looking at another facet all this health caring business It’s been suggested I join and HMO. My first thought, “What it this going to cost me (us)?” I get all this drippy mail in my postbox (the cover’s fallen off) to enroll and pay through the nose for additional insurance coverage for what medicare doesn’t pay for. My next question is from where in Hell do I come up with such premiums? A couple facts I seem to remember One of them we’re experiencing no inflation. Ugh? Those two bags groceries I paid $5.00/@ for just a decade ago are more liking $50.00/@ anymore. Come on, get real. Gasoline has doubled in the last decade already hitting $4.00/gal here and expected to go to $5.00/gal before Summer’s over. From where do I gleam the extra funds to even stay warm this next winter let alone finish paying for this Winter’s heating. I’m even running out of firewood as I write this.
Now, to once more show my reader I know what I am talking about…What was the question???? I almost hate seeing my mind drift as I do wading through mud. My hands shaking I have suddenly come to realized I’ve three hates: 1st, mud; 2nd short memory forgetfulness; 3rd, these infernal shakes (give me a jar of cream I could likely churn it into butter). Arrggghhhh!!!!!
Dab-gum-it, I’ve forgotten my rant for sure…. Catch ya later.
Break time. I’m having another hot tea heavily laced with a big-a teaspoon honey stirred in. Yum!
Had to take advantage of a great bargained shopping extravaganza. No truck I climbed aboard the WD45 and brought home four bushels of all manner of goodies. We’re going to eat good this next month starting tomorrow. Mmmm Yum. I think I’ll go make me some peanut & jelly samitwitches on whole wheat bread. And chase’em with a glass milk.
By time I got back taking the slow round trip drive to town I skipped for today work on Ugly truck. Did opt however for backing WD45 down to barn for off loading Truckster’s firewood onto wood-hauler. That is the absolute last of my dry firewood.
Truckster will only want to start on the engine primed. So, I looked up Nebraska number an ordered several parts. What’s neat about this, what one Cushman wont use the other one’s standing by to fill in. };^)

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Sue said...

thanks for the updates, I was a tad concerned. I know all about the health insurance woes. I missed you. Sue