Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4-1-2011 April fools day

And the race is on, my nose out front by a drip. And, (again), I again I feel as if it, my nose, is winning. But alas given enough time and a bountiful number of tissues it finally slows eventually coming to some sort of a finish line. Not imagined, but dried up. This year trying my best I’ve taken to combating hay fever with our full spooning dipping into a gallon of recently purchased wild flower honey use in all manner of ways; in tea, on toast, over hot and cold cereals, plus a substitute sweetener for granular sugar. While honey if consumed early enough in each new approaching season is supposed to be beneficial to fighting of some of the ravages of runny nose sneezes, I wish it were as helpful with just a runny nose. Oh well, by the laws of nature since when may any individual have it all. Although, in retrospect while I may not be able to take the money I haven’t got with me, I shall take my hay fever with me. Let the grim reaper try and stop that!!! (grin) Enough this fool morning chatter. I’ve got to get it off and on the road. No interferences I want to see how far I may advance with my Ugly truck’s repairs. The WD45 backed up to the deck, unloaded, and ready to go, I may holler “Charge!” on my way out the drive. (hehe). Later….
…..Later, it has been a good afternoon. I’ve finally gotten Ugly’s problem axles taken out and taken apart, having to break some rules to do it. For instance I heated the front spindles mounting flanges between its mounting studs then putting a spindle nut back on the spindles I slapped upon it left and right until I had gotten a crack wherein I could slip in a couple pries to remove them. The next big problem Bro’ showed up at just the right time it taking both of us using very limited amounts of heat to press the aged old cross bearings out of the axle shafts. The whole project finally looking as if a rebuilt end is with in sight. I’ll start my tomorrow’s morning washing project parts for final assembly. I’m thinking I’ll have Ugly, while not looking pretty, it’ll be in good enough mechanical condition to drive the English in Frieda and I in a timely manner to make to the Royal Wedding on time. (April Fools!)
An hour later than the usual getting home I’ve a headache. Taking my rattlers supper will be an hour later. The house so cozy warm I’m not sure I’ll make it to bed before sleep sets in. I’m feeling just as tired as if I had put I a long day. I do declare I’m thinking I’m suffering some Spring fever?

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