Monday, April 25, 2011

Morning report

My Herr Clink is in the hospital where I had to leave her evening last. It irritates me some trying (to no end) to find or learn of something her problem or prognosis?
Coming evening last a few minutes late for the most usual rattler taking time, she was looking poorly. Before an hour had gone by her breathing had become checked and She started couching hard enough she looked like she was about to choke upon her own phlegm. That was it. No time to find us a ride, I took her to the Hospital myself. Thankfully Being Sunday, being Sunday evening, being Easter Day holiday, local traffic was extremely light. Signing herself in was easy hospital traffic also light. Parking Ugly was easy lots of open parking spaces. Waiting triage was only moments, and she was taken in straight away. She (We) never saw a waiting room. She was immediately set upon by nurses, techs, for vitals, and tests. Her EKG was an immediate concern. She was put on Oxygen (which we didn’t have immediately handy for driving her into the city hospital). She was put on an inhaler to help open her breathing passages. (I hope it was something she not be allergic to.) A young Doctor was in an out a couple times. He as well as everyone else listening to her organs.
She was soon moved to another (more permanent, going to keep her awhile/over night) room and one nurse to carry out Doctors orders. Even for, through, the move there was no explanations. While I was never ordered out I was never privileged any information. Even as I sat there helpless save for moral support I could do little save watch. The new nurse poked her plumbing her into a highly risen bottle lemonade on a timing delivering drip device. The hour getting late I finally had to leave her. I had a hard short on sight darkness drive home to save myself to hopefully see and bring her home today, I hope. Last I saw her the nurse was wiring her into the hospitality monitoring system.
Meanwhile, home, seeing some sun for a good sign, my own rattlers taken, putting in my waiting time before breakfast, I’ve got to find the horsepistol’s useless seeking info phone numbers. This the worst part having a loved one in hospital, The guarded information well!!!
“Rainbows” needed


Donna said...

Wishing you and the wife many rainbows Fern. Saying a prayer that she'll be up and about real soon.

Paula said...

Going to read the next installment. Hope she is doing better by now.