Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4-4-2011 The Weather rages on

Covered with wet heavy snow yesterday‘s dinner hour, followed with some noisy thunder storms all the rest the afternoon. Was that the end of it? Nope! While I slept throughout undisturbed all night Frieda was kept up with lightening storms casting their electrical light simultaneously every window the house.
The weather supposedly going to lighten up I waited on it. Fact I figured all the rain or snow or whatever we might have had in store for us was all over with when the sun had come out long enough to tease me outdoors. It really didn’t mater what the weather was going to be, I had to grind regardless.
Alright I had to grind, up out and about Ugly takes me over to the elevator for supplements Ebe billing me out. Moments later mud so slimy at Bro’s Ugly can’t back up the grade let alone make the bend in that particular drive to be anywhere close for a hook up. Needing a tractor I had to jump one off of Ugly’s battery plus to minuscule squires either in the air intake. Even using the Indy Ollie it spun a wheel backing up the grad and around the corner to bring that feed supply wagon out into the country light of day.
Okay, I‘ve the empty feed wagon dropped in the road, I had to make some rather muddy rearrangements as it worked out either slipping or sliding each machine into useful position. That was easy untangling the mess when the grind was finished breaking down their finished arrangements. The ground feed wagon ready to go I opted instead to take the empty grain supply wagon up the road for a refill. The wagon loaded I drove it all the long way around the block only having to navigate my pot holed road once. Stopping by the elevator a second time I met Ede at the door for the second time today. Her remark, “Haven’t I seen you before today?” My come back, “Oh, I just had to have one more pleasurable look at you one more time.” From there I missed getting home by an eighth of a mile. Horse feathers! I called Tom. He got out of his sick bed to go after tractor and tow my mess home. Between the road and my driveways I’m living upon a sea of mud.
As I ate and wrote this I had two very beat up worn out worthless tarps draped over a couple tractors to dry out so’s I may lay them under ugly so’s I may take down and out the Ugly’s started starter if need be. My first thought is poor battery wire connection.
Thinking come to an end I doubled up a useless piece of a plastic tarp slipping in-between the flap (I’ll call them) a piece of card board for a stiffening backbone so’s I could push my hopeful floating bed under the Ugly truck. A comfortable looking arrangement I slip down under and out several times looking for a more useful tool than the none working one or two I originally thought was best at the time for the job. Removing the starter I found a couple problems with the solenoid. The ground grain not yet delivered down the road I took that loaded wagon in tow with the 4020JD. The feed delivered, scrounged the shop for a couple better looking in my thoughts different solenoids plus a it of raiding my tool box. Getting back making a hopeful fix the starter I put it up into the engine bolting there up. Reconnected the battery and found a no go the starter. Nut’s I hadn’t tried it a second time through the solenoid. It was to Hell with it time. I had the ladies to hay and went my way about stirring up a more soupy bowl of mud every direction I may cast an agonized eye.
Time was two hours past taken rattlers, tired, hungry, and disillusioned I ate heartily, wrote this and called it quits for another day. Having to lay it down, I’ll post this another day. Weary, I had to lay it down.

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