Friday, April 29, 2011

A-hole kids

Frieda's doing well. Everyday a little more is learned her make up. I have one rather large problem of a delicate nature. I must try and exclude one of her visitors who is raising absolute Hell with her heart's BP taking to rising and bouncing around like a rubber ball. Which is serious enough and of very real concern to the Hospital staff. How'll I handle it? Meet the the problem head on regardless whom it involves or let her hosts ban these visitors for us? This problem involves a couple who've used us before.
Lawd, I'm sounding something like the long sadly missed IDF (Indy Dirt Farmer).
Help DA Fernan
PS: I'm thinking of taking them head on letting the chips fall where they may. These guys have lied, and cheated to take their mother and I for a couple buggy rides. I don't want another one regardless the final lost cost as long as it isn‘t the wrong loss.
Fire wood's floating down the creek on waters havin' reached new heights, and by same token mud's have been steadily stirred to new depths.
I Thimk I could likely use a pontoon boat with twin jet drives, skis for rudders optional.
It’s morning the day properly gated:
Do to any the more recent closer to home events, did any the loco folks watching the Royal Wedding happen to see where Her Mostess and myself weren’t? Having personally missed the Royal wedding we obviously weren’t standing in our seats. (grin)
Waking even later than usual it was near ll I could do to get away from here early for the hospital. I truly wanted to head off my trouble making kids. I did it to. Started it with a phone call to son, telling him to keep himself and particularly his wife away from my wife. I wanted his mother home and she was my very first primary concern.
That taken care of I still motored earlier than usual to head them off physically if necessary. I want my wife rested, healed, whole, free from heart attack and/or stroke.
On getting to the hospital the front desk I had to go through channels (Hospital security). And this I had to do in the presents of the patient in her room where in a security officer met with us making sure this was also Frieda’s wish. Our meeting some resistance we finally got it taken care of our way. Whew!
Going one level further I talked to her nurse. Nurse a bit hesitant at first, my explaining the storytellers lying behavior the nurse and staff finally saw it my way. This request had been also chartered. Now I too may also rest easier.
On my hospital’s arrival the nurse was trying to ready my Frieda for discharge. Ho boy did this ever upset her. There was no changing any one’s mind. However a couple hours later Frieda on getting up to use the facility, she scarcely made it back to bed when suddenly a whole team of care givers come charging into the room. Frieda’s monitor had registered all manor of problem with her hearts workings and respiration. Her organs had just gone a moment this side of serious orbit. Her discharge was immediately negated. She staying put for at least another day. Which she had wanted all along until they had done something about her breathing. I don’t know, I just don’t know? But for now I may rest easy, knowing she enveloped in the best medical help imaginable.

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