Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The unwritten

Missing even touching all the bases evening last, here they are… Here I come… Ready? So suffer!
Frieda found out at the Doctor’s office she’s suffering some eye allergies. And, Yes, We had a little tiff last night. I do’t (well for one time, one time only) I’ll cut her some slack her eyes feeling like Doc had played through (golf) through her eyes wearing his fancy spiked foot wear what steadied him T‘ing off... Have had word a long lost grandson may be coming to see us the endof the month when college semester’s over. Might be hinted at both of us are on pins’n’needles so anxious to see him. And then damnedifiknow what-else I had forgotten to set down to keep the journal more up to date.
Know, since midnight I woke from the middle of my sleep. For something to do I looked up hard hats. I thunk I need one as much stuff I been running into lately. I don’t want to bend anything out of shape.
Since rising for the second time, after some serious coaxing upon Della’s part, I took care of Della’s sand box. Nobody can tell me animals aren’t smart. I mean she pestered me until I took care of it. Her box emptied and refreshed she disappeared now that she had gotten me to take care her need.
Our not having had a fire the fire the last three days, my looking in the wood stove it needed cleaning. Stove good’n’cold it couldn’t have been a better time. And, I could use my tin bucket with the hole in it placing a piece paper what won’t burn over said hole. I really need to bolt a genuine bright tin patch over that hole one these days, especially as hard as five gallon tin buckets are to come by. Why a bright patch? So’s the buckets’ know I care!
Up late then, no time to cook, some quick raisin bran drowned in milk for a quicker eating. Now I’ve got to get off and on. Later….
…later with all involved within backing this ugly frame of mine up, we had an uncalled for visitor. I had all of the front doors standing wide open. An innocent enough thing to do for whatever it was doing at the time. While my back was turned in flew a bird, without so much as a friendly hello. I wasn’t privy to its presence until I had walked into the kitchen where upon that intruder commenced to check all our window pains for strength and durability. Presumably finished in the kitchen it winged its interest to the other end of the house trying out the east bedroom’s window pains. Satisfied for sure this time here come again for a second test of the kitchen sash. My having informed Frieda of our unannounced visitor she closed her bedroom door.
My having grabbed a large towel to make the webs between my crooked fingers wider/bigger, I was keen on throwing the large towel over it saving all concerned any undo injury with a thought I could show it it’s own great outdoors. My loosing tract of the winged intruder Frieda told me where she thought it had gone, in one of the upper cupboards. I gaot me a chair and testing the strength of its spindly legs I got up on it and there stood moving matter’s around in the cabinet. No bird. I moved onto the cupboard the other side the doorway and started shifting things about. Out come the bird liking to knocking itself out if crash landed on the flour shaking itself alert enough to fly into a base cabinet. Myself a little bit on the reserved side where I get down anymore seeing the grabber, or claw, as I like to call it I went fishing in a gentler manor. Pushing something the unseen corner unseen the bird come hoping, skipping and jumping into flight for a cabinet over the frig. I opened the front doors to give our charge every opportunity to change it’s mind where it might not ought to be. The doors open, my standing back out of all the flight paths to the enjoyment of the great outdoors the bird too once more took to flight leaving us without so much as even a courteous goodbye. I’m telling you, “Rude!”
Or another way of looking at the bird had missed a perfect opportunity staying for lunch, Della’s lunch. You can’t win them all cat!
In my morning travels I made it back to the scrape yard. There I found two sets of three like pieces of stamped channel suitable enough for making as many as four tractor bicycle racks. I also picked another chunk of steel just a bold faced lying there telling me to take it home. Oh, what the heck, I’d be something to build another mystery something around someday….
While I was walking around that junkyard I was sickened to see parts of at least three Oliver tractors smash (broken up) in the piles of iron and steel. One was a recognizable 1850 gas leavings. Sure’d liked to have had that one for gear case, rock-shaft, transmission spare, PTO, hydraulic pump parts. Gees o’ Peet!
I don’t know I got a lot of anything done for all the afternoon. Went to bank and found myself missing something, smarts. Bought me a hard hat I could get in any color so long as it was yellow. I’m going to look like the movin’est bright wild flower aboard any moving tractor a-acrossing any field.
Havin’ goin’ over to the cross roads my favorite filling station has been closed. Darn it, why’d it have to be that one. It had the prettiest gals clerking there I used to imagine in all sorts of bikinis. I feel as if a wee bit of my world has just been crushed some.
Getting home, taking rattlers haying the ladies a bit off their fed I gave them half the norm. I want them to conscientiously
Finish up all that I have given them. I spied another lady becoming more noticeable about to give birth within this next week. When she bags she’ll likely only be 24 hours away.
For something totally different since the last time (LOL) I tried grading out again some those Spring tractor tracked ruts in the drives. While I wasn’t totally successful in my attempt, a lot of the mess is looking more civilized. I have keep at it. A lot of clay in this farm’s soil when the earth becomes to dried out grading becomes impossible without a monstrously heavy machine. This is why I must stay with the leveling when it looks all to soon. I’d rather move the rutted earth to soon than to late. I know of what I speak here. I’ve been through it before.

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