Wednesday, April 27, 2011

“Don’t Worry!” she’d said.

Call his a short recap:
The other side the twi-light zone they’d brought mine Frieda down out-a the clouds closer to earth depositing her along the way in the cardiac unit for closer observation. That’s like just outside the ICU. A voice inside the telephone receiver had said, "Don’t worry." Yeah sure. I should-a been made of stone. I’m not to worry! The absolute center of my world is ill and I’m not to worry over a few words? I drove the longest drive in my life yesterday. “Don’t worry?” the nurse had said. I did everything but…..
Imagine my elation walking into her reassigned room to find her sitting up with wearing looked like the broadest smile, relieving my mind smile, written all across her face. (whew) I relaxed.
Looking out, seeing rain, my outlook at the weather liked to sink me as if I were a leaky boat. How much more of this must we take. Fields in Michigan so wet my neighbors along with us can’t get on our fields. Our loss of time is adding new added stated of depression upon our concerned minds. It’s beginning to look like how’ll we ever plant our yearly hayfields.
Checking the western bovine front there’re no new calves receiving a morning rinse. That’s the best outlook I’ve got this morning. Checking the ladies
Been up to see Her Mostess. The Hospital is putting her through a battery of tests. Most importantly her heart. Seems her hospital cardiologist knows well our primary care giver giving him a thumbs up continued recombination. Frieda likes him.
(I want his name. Has been months, maybe years, since I’ve seen one. Last time I saw the one I no long trust he had duplicated my medications, which after I had followed his strict directions I had been seriously prescription overdosed. Going through some varied sorts personal Hell I haven’t gone back. Learned I had better be closer to my pharmacist.)
Frieda looked good. Still not sharing direct sugar sweetening. She wants to come home. Only I’m thinking she’s better off were she is. Perhaps when this tripping’s all done she’ll regain some of her energy back and with warn weather’s promise right around the corner she’ll be able to walk some of her weight off. Well, I can hope!
During some my morning’s motoring I observed the ladies enjoying the rain with their ears down. The sight of this I imagined them covering their ears as to shed rain water so’s they didn’t get water on their brains. (grin)
Back home I snacked for lunch trying to put away some leftovers. Clearing frig some There was one bowl the cats are going to feast on having set in frig to long.
Put afternoon time in at shop bundling up more hay-yard plus shop trash for tomorrow’s pick up. Scared up new fan belt for Ugly’s power steering pump’s need. Put a couple roaming out and about ladies and their calve back in where they belonged and patch a broken fence wire. While I put in my brand of useless shop time the sun coming out took turns with returning rain shower. I even heard some rolling thunder boomer serenades. On way home the Butternut Creek part of the Flint water shed was creeping over its banks likely from more rain than we got here to do it. What a day. An hour late for rattler time I gulped them down, fueled the 4020JD with a couple cans gas. Then needed to hay ladies here and midway down the road. Rest of my evening I get to myself. I see this evening’s entertainment spent doing dishes cleaning kitchen some. Whoopppeeee! Starting another batch laundry can wait till morning. With all this relaxation time on my hands I’ve no idea why I’m so tired before sundown. Heard from youngest son today. He still has high hopes finding himself a long haul trucking job. Oldest daughter has decided to talk to her mother these last three days. All her supposedly stellar friends have all turned their backs on her. She hasn’t braved enough to talk to me. I see it as her problem. She’s the one who left us for the rich and famous. Family? Once they leave the nest they can be such a joy or a pain in the arse. We’ve some of each.
For supper I found a lonesome piece of chicken. I ate it with some high class mixed vegetables and tasteless rice. Wasn’t brown. Must have been some polished crap. For desert I made me a brown cow (root-beer float made with chocolate ice-cream). Still doing chores at 8:00 PM. I had my soda and drifted off.
And oh. My big mouth, I never got to the dishes nor scrubbed the kitchen floor. I’m a big bad boy!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s

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