Thursday, April 14, 2011

A wee bit kitten history

It was getting close to a death in the house for near sure. That bird's health was in double jeopardy with Della the house cat in the kitchen, and multi-tasken-it-kitty* Sweetheart at the front door. That birds last flight for freedom was a splendid sight to have seen by my eyes.
multi-tasken-it-kitty* Sweetheart kitty is about six years old if I am remembering correctly? She was winter born in this house and stayed so a maturing house kitten into cat until one day she wanted out. Opening the door for her she was gone never looking back. At least not for about six/seven months until she wanted back in. The terrific mouser she was/is she did her job with real dedication. Which was a good deal upon both our parts until I come upon the influence of dribbling a couple pounds moth ball along the house’s foundation walls outside. She hasn't been in this house for more than a passing curiosity since. That is as quick in and an immediate out.
Something like three/four years ago though Bro’ had one serious mouse infestation taking over his house. It seemed as those miniature rodents had homesteaded every little nook and cranny his house possessed. There was but one solution as Bro’ had seen it. He’d have to run a trap line for ever how long it’d take him to eradicate them. I offered him a real live solution, Taking Sweetheart from here on down the road. My turning her loose inside his house teed her off but no end good. Mad (furious with) at me and likely the whole world I realized forgiveness would never return easily. As mad as she was hiding from me, my Brother, and the world, Bro’ related to me the next day his hearing things going thumb, bump, crash, with plenty of squeaks and groans coming from with in the very bowels of his house. For his very busy reluctant guest he put out food and water. Which while he never saw her for several days his offering seemed to disappear and/or evaporate.
For five months going by Bro’ thinking Sweetheart’s had been a long enough visitor his place having done all she been expected to do, she had returned his home to him. Then he was about to ungraciously/plainly kick her out of his house. Now, there’s a thankful lot of gratitude for you?!?!? It’s into his farmyards he wants to kick her. A cold/calloused treatment if I ever fathomed one, I objected upon Sweetheart’s behalf. She didn’t know his yards. She hadn’t grown up there. Her life by those moments was unappreciated useless to him. Without a care he was done with her caring little about her health and welfare It took me a couple days of my regaining her confidence enough to even come close to me. Then, when she braved a moment and closed the distances between us I grabbed her, an act she was not particularly happy about her little mind still remembering five months back farmed out she wasn’t exactly in an forgiving attitude towards me, we struggled. Getting her into the truck she raised/voiced more Hell unimagined, so loud he disgust seared my ears. There was no talking to her, she wasn’t about to listen, and absolutely no shutting her up. However when I got her home, she was happy to see her old stomping grounds. And the Boss lady she was it didn’t take her but a couple days to reestablish the fact the Boss was back. Gosh I love that Cat!
Now, do I dare write about my day? Hell yes! It was my day and if want to record it, I shall! Only remembering a couple highlights I’ll let the rest forgotten stuff slid. Okay there may be a better word for it but this evening I like the words “stuff “ and “slide.”
What I did manage to work on some even finished: I laid out the cuts on a piece of plywood for Bro’ a field calf tagging stool. I had brought in a chunk of mine belting and whacked off s chunk for a more closeted cutting out additional parts for a couple fence opener robots. Why I had even managed to finish one part and install it on my first new generation robot azzkicker. Almost everyday the last nearing a week now, Tom made a new conduit for a couple new hydraulic hoses to pass through inside it to protect them from excessive abuse ether rubbing themselves though or becoming snagged upon anything what may shorten their lives. I was delegated for painting it. That took awhile as a quick first this coat applied had to have time to set well so a second coat weren’t to run or slid off, as in hanging curtains in even this minor paint job.
Additionally I had gotten my ash….es (naturally containing Lime, Phosphorus, Potassium, and other good stuff, out back and spread across some of the terrain to let them help sweeten and enrich the soil I had used to fill a big-a hole. One of my early afternoon delights I saw at least three deer carrying the mail across the far end of the Duck Pond hayfield/pasture as I had entered into it. If there were more running ahead of those three I saw, I don’t know. I can attest to only the ones I seen.
So, this about the way the day went for me, doing a little of this and some of that. Oh, oh yeah! Making a call the Truckster parts should be here about next Tuesday, while it’s inner-tubes had arrived today
I’m thinking these words about cover my whole day. Any more info like concerning a couple puckers is reserved info this good night.

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