Sunday, April 10, 2011


I’m not usually into sports. However this morning waking up about a half hour prior my normal wake up time TV programming was about nil. That was right up until I found a women’s collagen softball game. An I thought to myself, “This is better than nothen.“ WoW! This was fun and the action drew me in, could even had been against my will. This was a ball game fully loaded with plenty of total field team participation. Fun, Fun, Fun watching these young women playing softball. This was no only pictures mound game. Although this Big Ten UM Jordan Taylor was a gal to watch. By’n’by her dark haired-eyed big framed giant of womanhood kind-a reminded me of somebody else. Another athletic bodied babe I used to horizontally wrestled with a half a century ago. All below the belt reminiscing set a-side this Ms. Jordon is one super good softball pitcher with a athletes fielders baking her up on the big-a ball diamond. Game ended UM-13 to Purdue-1. UM women hit 4 OUT of PARK home runs. The crack of the ball bat again that pitched ball it went went higher and higher right out and beyond the playing field! This consortium of women’s ball players looked like an Olympic ball team to me. Go, go, go Ladies. And, this from an inert sports fan who could normally care less.
Yesterday’s shopping Frieda’s purchases about broke the bank. Just dawned on me I missed last nite’s blog entry. I guess I spent some fun time contributing comments to a couple three boards when I had finally, though, late bellied up to my key board. One of my day’s highlights was stopping in checking upon a convalescing neighbor lady and her K9 buddy. It was good seeing her getting a first hand update on her rehabilitation. She looked good her eyes bright, smiling, and sparkling. Her exercising looked like she was coming along well and she’ll be kicking arse in good form soon. Her K9 buddy (Scooby) was so happy to see me coming he neglected to announce my arrival. Silly misguided dog made me feel like a celebrity. Poor thing was near worn out Scooby busy shadowing his Lord’n’master yard cleaning. That dog actually wore himself out dragen fallen tree limbs out of the woods to the fire pit. He is one of a kind wonder dog. I love that Scoob!
Yesterdays shopping, Frieda’s mountainous (a shopping cart full yarns) contribution (two bushels full I carried into the house, once home) to the last checkout counter near broke the bank. (Somebody give me strength) I’ll know for sure after I’ve look at our bank balance. In my hunting part of the total Ugly expedition I shopped for cat food (Top the list? I must be becoming bonkers?), livestock salt, tractor fluids, equipment inner tubes, winning/loosing some parts acquisitions for farm implements and the Cushman Truckster. Most notable I picked up gasoline pressure regulator for the Truckster’s fuel pump to limit excess unburned fuels washing down the cylinder walls shortening the rebuilt engine’s life. Also needed were inner tubes for its 10/12 year old tires. They may be in next week?
All in all it had been a good day out upon a working set of wheels under our derrieres’ again. Tomorrow I can get Her Mostess into see Doc for a reacquiring sore eye lid.
Women, can’t keep them up and can’t shoot’em. (grin) Why’o’why did ever get mixed up with one? That basic little black cocktail dress in navy-blue it was. She had vamped me. Yup, she had vamped me real good!
Here I go again? I relished the idea waking up at my own respectable time wanting that moment on to look something important on the I-net, and I forgot what it was. Curses, I am so unsoundly disgusted with this infernal instantly short time memory loss, I just want to forget it! Golden years! Bah, Humbug!
Copy of Roost board contribution:
Board gets quiet for a couple days, I slip away a few days knee deep in other activities and Annie comes alive. Now, had I done it right or wrong to hear from the lovely lady?
Been so busy watching for calves, tinkering on Ugly 8 days to find an unwilling cause, spending watered down shopping money, worrying have we enough fire wood to make it two more months heating and thinking all that time about all the projects I had wanted to get to. Have got a number of Neighbors healing, one sadly wasting away, the spirit about gone out of him. (This man was an active farmer just down my road. Didn't face the trouble indicators in his eyes until to late. He's gone steadily blind the last five yrs until he now sits in total darkness.) His boys showing little enough interest keeping up the farm, both of them are sadly wasting away.
Hi Annie: Here's hoping your fortune has turned and improved.
Almost right out of this morning’s house I tried grading some mud around here. Called something for even thinking about wasting my time I tried it anyway. I had made some limited headway over a couple places while getting absolutely nowhere over the third souped up area. Then spent some my time assembling, fortunately finding most the parts I needed saved here’n’there about the shop as I went. Breaking for lunch, looking back at the taking shape, form this second generation robot electric fence gate opener was looking pretty good. More later……
….after lunch did the ladies here and half way down the road. The had gone back to the shop. Continued my robot project this time scrounging up some rabbit cage wire and made a four sided cage for the works bovine protection. While ikt had been awhile, I dragged the sheet metal brake out and bent my a four sided wire box. I wired the only open corner together with the materials own one sides little extras. It come out looking good at about the same time my personal mental and physical resources hit my proverbial mid to late afternoon wall. I was in no condition to go on, yet? I needed to salt those ladies at that end. So, I moseyed out and filled some portable red fuel cans. Put away some trash were it better belonged than in the back my truck. Made sure I had salt for the lot half way home. By the time I arrived home, removed my shoes, washed up some and took my rattlers. Sitting on my sorry butt, I finally remembered I had forgotten to salt those ladies on the other end. “Fudge!” as my Mom used to blaspheme, it seemed I had forgotten doing something so simple. Aching more than I wanted to feel, I wasn’t going back out and down there. They’ll see me tomorrow.

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