Thursday, April 7, 2011

4-6-2011 days of hurting

In answer to an “aint so tough after all........” posting. This story, with Loopy’s help, took place back in ‘96.

I remember, (you) remember, when Shiner laid me up them's horse doctors installing one of the rifle barrels in my right leg. How about all the joys our getting me in and out of your van for all them horspistol visits? So many seerays my right limb it had been such a painful defiant one each time you hauled it and the rest of me in there. Then there were all them intimate pictures taken the durned thing taken its own sweet time a healing, had all them pictures been tacked-up around any room's walls, I'd had had the appearance of a centipede. And my hurting seemed as though it were multiplied with each picture those saw-bones had ever taken.
Cheese’n’cackers! I remember it took ever so long, way too long, in my mind way back when to ever been the perfect heel-r? So take heart our, Lovely, you too will heal. I guarantee it!

And, A big AND, a couple years later stressed over Bro’s debilitating accident, Frieda and I were invited over to one of the neighbor’s for a what out hostess had told us was going to be, something like, “You both need a good home cooked meal.” Home cooked? John had charcoal rock hard burned steaks on an outdoor grill, and the rest of the vittles we ladled straight out of paper barrels instantly delivered from the Village Grocer’s delicatessens showcases. Oh poo, you worrying about cooking. Just axe me, and I’ll contribute a couple three paper barrels home cooken straight from VG’s glass case for the party.
For along with your generosity, the twins inspired my Santa story.
Now onto Ugly?
I might just as well be a-foot (which I am anyway) with a field breakdown. Only in this case I managed to park some of the Leland on top of a hardwood pile, myself to darn lazy to move it. Then commenced to push Ugly inside the lower barn’s door just enough to close said barn’s door. While it drizzles all day I added jumper wires to excite the starter solenoid, which in the end worked to no avail. I even removed the battery cables for replacement, having them out and ready for a ride which had never come. The continued same old story of my most recent enjoyment of mobile life.
Okay. I’ve had all night to review and re thunk all my mistakes and what the should have been checked. So, tomorrow expected to be a drier day after today’s all day drizzle, the WD45 again pressed into service is going to transom me down to the shop for a loaded list of new idea tools and parts.
New thoughts: maybe the new battery’s no good, perhaps the alternator isn’t working (like battery the alternator looks like new, still?), Grab some additional bat cables off the wall, and some more test instruments. I better make a list: volt meters, circuit testers and light, bat tester and bat hydrometer. What else? As sure as I am of my list I’ve surely forgotten something? It can’t even begin to start working any other way! Oh yeah, Grab me another alternator even to robbing it off the once upon a time driven Old Blue truck. Now, that I have it all well thought out today's attack on Ugly, what possibly could go wrong? Is there even the slightest chance I may just perhaps get it right today.
One additional matter. I do wish the parts would get here even if they were shipped snail mail. (sigh) Not all’s lost I do like most of my open aired drives, the breeze in my face, under the overhead Sun. I must admit I do prefer the drier drives and it isn’t supposed to rain today. Hmmm, Maybe I had better mix some salt to bring back home with me? Yup, mix salt, seeing as I’ve got me alternate transportation. (hehe)

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