Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Clink’s day 2

I've tried calling hr this morning. Not getting through the phones my be turned off for the hospitable staff may make uninterrupted rounds.
I'll have to try her a bit later. As for getting up to see her, that depends on a ride.
Good gosh the city was more like back to normal the traffic I was glad somebody else was driving me.
Now that I know the rest of the O2 story, I've made some three phone calls and hoping all this is straightened out before my bringing her home.
There likely be more dribbled into my urinal by this evening’s bigger splash.
Gosh I’ve got to get her out of that place. Horror stories are just waiting to happen. Frieda is allergic to a number of medications. On registering for emergency room care she produced documents the medications she had problems with. All this information was entered into her charts, plus recorded upon a second patient ID band locked on about her wrist…Get it? Wrist got it!
So, a Doctor comes in about give her a shot. She asked him what it was? He said he was giving her morphine for pain relief. She come up in her bed and gave him a solidly voiced what for. She informed him that not only was she dangerously allergic to the narcotic but this fact was also listed in her chart. She’d seen it entered; and, the same information was also printed upon a band and attached to her wrist.
My yesterday’s visit short thankful for the ride. I could only stay as long as my driver had that time to spare.
Now, for the rest of the 02 story. Some years ago (me & my memory remembers not when) Frieda was but on a C-PAC machine. More recently (via pre-mentioned excuse) Medical Home Equipment company one supplied Frieda with an 02 making machine to use in conjunction with her C-PAC. We were billed occasionally and then one day the machine quit. Frieda’s phone calls went unanswered. Desperate (instead of telling me original problem) she saw like equipment advertised on TV with phone number. She used it, called it, HME Co 2 called Doc’s office for confirmation and a current prescription order further updated. They were out that same day’s evening. HME2 called HME3. HME3 had Replaced HME1's When they went out of business. Between HME2 and HME3, HME2 withdrew all their equipment, HME3 came in with another 02 replacement machine as per the original order now short the required equipment for the updated prescribed order. Oh boy, in all this changing period space of three-day‘s time. Frieda tells me nothing. My learning of all the goof ups I got on the phone making several calls. I now wait to hear from HME3. This will be a drag. I’ve got work to do outside. Sheesh, all these idiots must have read my unwritten book on professional idiocy. ROFLMAO!!!!
When I finally made a phone connection with Herr Clink she’s complaining all her old pains are back. That’s reasonable, I agreed then suggested. Just look outside the window. The weather had turned against the likes of us oldsters.
As for the rest of her the rest of the medical geniuses they’ve no idea what’s causing her difficult breathing. We couldn’t talk long. I suspect she felt so much better yesterday being sunny, she over did it. Could also be the young interns had their Wheaties this morning and evidently were out-running her clutches.
Bottom line, this new batch of doctorate-ed experts have no ideas nor causes for her difficult breathing.
Between the supposed in-between's towards noon I receive cal from the hostile, you’re not to worry. They had just moved Frieda down from the 9th floor to the cardiac 4th floor for more intensive monitoring her heart that had started some very erratic behavior after she had been given an intolerable drug upsetting her heart so badly an EKG reading was all over the paper. I tidied up what I was doing. Jumped into Ugly with the words, “You’re not to worry!” Yeah sure, those words running over and over again my mind I had debarked on the longest drive of my life going to the hostile. Also running through my mind how’ll I reassure her she was alright or going to be alright so’s she’d come through this latest crisis as healthy as she was a few weeks back.
On arrival seeing my bride, she was happily sitting up in a chair wearing the grandest smile, the such I was immediately relieved. A kiss hello upon her forehead, again until we know more what may deeply be her unanswered ill or ills I took to a chair to enjoy her company. Despite the move between floors she was served two lunches. She had never been denied a spoon full bite or two. I stayed a few hours to keep an eye on her a pleasurable activity I had never fallen-out looking to. By and by between rising winds and tornado warnings the hospital going into a barely normal lock down against the chance of rogue tornado’s development I found it was a good time to bid Frieda a-do and come home.
On my way home I experienced he worst part of my whole day. Stopping and topping off the Port fuel tank came to sum $75.00 and some cents.
Now that I am home there’s no definite time line as to when Frieda may come home. Della and I tolerate each other famously there’s been no lines drawn and she’s happy enough to just be regularly fed. I’m handling it. Oh, the line of the day? Frieda’s comedown out of the clouds taken up a position more down to earth! };^))

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Paula said...

Keeping in touch and wishing Frieda well. You take care of yourself too.