Friday, April 15, 2011

‘Twas terrible….

…….terribly good. Frieda made a drop cake today via Ms. Loopy’s, given me, spoken recipe directions. This story started a week ago my stopping by Loopy Acres my smoking and drinking her goods while at the same time checking upon her health of mine and body. Anyway while I was there she spoke a couple interesting lines. One was her reminiscing upon a time an earlier time drooling of taste treats her mother’s inventive drop cakes.
A drop cake easy to make it amounts to no more than literally dropping the ingredients into a baking dish. Loop’s ingredients first crushed pineapple dropped in the dish, secondly either an apple ot cherry pie filling, and the as either a white or yellow boxed cake mix. Everything in the dish the dish goes into a 350* oven for four hours. Frieda’s version a can pineapple blended 3-4 seconds, next reconstituted dry cherries water and all, and lastly a white cake mix unceremoniously dropped into the dish. She baked it at 350* for between two and three hours.
Terribly good, it took two helpings to satisfy my unsweetened tooths. Terribly good stuff coming out super yummy.
Thanks Loopy Mama!
Now onto some tough stuff. Frieda’s oxygen machine’s been giving her trouble. Watching TV today she got a name and phone number of a home care oxygen something or other. She called them, they caller Doc. Doc gave them an over the phone prescription,, they call Frieda back making an appointment to fix her up her breathing equipment. Insurance numbers taken care of over the phone, a very young man arrived at about 7:00 PM setting her up with all new equipment. Now, Frieda’s on 24/7 oxygen even supplied with portable traveling packs and a rack full of fresh oxy bottles.
Seems her old oxygen supplier had just up and gone out of business. Now we’re stuck with all there old equipment. No body will haul it away and we can’t get rid of it even to the extent of given the stuff away.
Shop stuff for my day’s in betweens. Was busy in more directions than I may easily count. Fixed a flat with a new inner-tube. Removed two flats off Truckster. Cut out a wanted stool into kit form, Assembly tomorrow maybe? And filled in with a whole lot times here and there upon a 6x16 JD on land plow. When the correct moldboard is shipped and here received that plow’ll be ready to go in minutes. All considered it was a fun day, including all the unpaid overtime/unappreciated vacation time missing’s, even to being down to one wheel-burrow load firewood. (nuts)

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Paula said...

Down here in Texas we make a cake like that and we call it Dump cake. They are very good. I also slice a stick of margarine and put pecans on top. I think its about time I make one again.