Thursday, April 28, 2011

Waking’s impressions

I shelpt real good. Waking the house was ultra quiet and cold. (brrr) I hear the very imaginable sound of water dripping off the eves. And, why not. This has got to be April, what? Who can explain it. The season’s all fouled up Springs a-wakening two weeks late April showers three weeks early. What’s either coming or going for the current labeled month’s changing of the guard. I’m getting so tired of the continued rain. We see and feel the sun’s warmth for but minutes at a time to only be follow with an absolute minimum of drizzle.
The constant mud is wearing on my knees and hips. The no drying end is so very tiresome by all inclusive stretches of any imagination.
The barnyard creek is so full of water It aught to be teaming with all manner of fish jumping for individually needed gulps of air. Rain weathered lakes and ponds standing everywhere made up of gather rain waters the earth can no longer absorb. I need cabled suspenders looped over my shoulders descending all the way to my boot tops to hold those boots on.
At least living in a comparatively safer northern state is my households blessing. Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, many more states have seen and felt devastating tornadoes and winds. It’s so unreal, where has my mind been complaining about my mud, a small problem compared to a many other folks loss problems. Michigan’s location blessings, I’ve still got my dishes to do and kitchen floor to mop.
House so cussed quiet. There’s none of that Birkerson patter “The Bickersons 1940s Radio Show“ periodically interrupted with hysterical laughter when one of us truly getting in good one. Della cat has taken to loving me. First it was the foot, to periodically joining me for extended periods of time pawing at my body. I’ve become Della cat’s consolation prize, for Her Mostess’s missing self.
My out the house finding the lower barn darn near surrounded by water. We’d had three inches rainfall over night plus more sense. The calf and cow we’d put in drier isolation three days ago had to go. Poor calf th water up to its belly in places I was a-feared the barnyard creek couldn’t carry the water away fast enough. I was particularly happy with the cow and calf’s simple mildly refusing to in the same direction together at the same time. I don’t know which is dumber the animals or myself trying to move them to my will to keep them as safe as I may keep them. (sigh)
I phoned Her Mostess early morning. She started choking on the phone so bad we had to hang up. And she was telling me was getting well? Things to do Bro’ came after the cow and we moved the pair in a fair and timely manner. Then changing out of my boots into more civilized shoes I was off and running the neighborhoods. Next first stop was to gather in certain supplies. At first stop I phoned ahead my second stop’s need for medications. Back home in time to unload truck, put supplies away, I was going to eat a quick lunch. A can of beans opened, I heard a horn honk. My ride had come and my beans took to sitting with their lid off. Annie here, I was off. At Hurley Hospital my first need was the cafeteria. Had a splendid hamburger. As always this hospital’s the best kitchen is the best of its kind. there are some cooks here. I’ve never had a bad meal there ever!!!!!
Annie having medical appointments around town for herself I was thankful she included me in her loco travel plans. As it had worked out she had finished up her rounds where she had dropped me to begin with. Excluding travel time I got to sit with mine Frieda for a whole three hours. All we know is she’ll be there another day for more tests.
Her brightest moments were her doctors (each one) coming in wearing smiles, everyone of them. Heart is strong. I could be her blood may need coumadin. Oh now isn’t this just going to be Ducky? Having this in common, we’ll both be dodging the rat poison bullet. The Spring rainy season, it couldn’t be more fitting. };^))

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