Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A new Day

And I’d like to know who sent us this crapy weather?
These my yesterday morning’s thoughts! All both of them. Will I ever catch up?
There's talk some low down Tenneseeon's sent us some warm air to collide with Cannook cold air rat at our southern most state border, both sides conspiring to make it snow all over our friendly state. (pea-oh-ed)
The last load high-jacked firewood backed up to the deck, snow falling an accumulation’s amount it looks like winter's start all over again. (teared)
Needless to say for all this underhandedness, I wish could heartily let somebody else have it. (mumble mumble grumble growl growl)
That was yesterday. Today we’re getting some light showers; and, as long we’re going to have to put up with it make all our received rain light. Perhaps it’ll all warm up and we’ll start seeing some real Spring growth, fields and trees alike. (mumble mumble) Once again I wish we had some rhubarb. And while I was sitting here writing the the very “rhubarb” that word it was mentioned on the TV.
Starting out early about to walk the two mile to the shop Tom come along and gave me a ride. I asked him how he felt and he more or less suggested he was feeling better. Whatever he meant by that?
One I the shop It didn’t take me long to disconnect all the cargo box’s facets from Ugly’s frame. Then it come time to roll the ’A’ framed overhead crane about the shop floor straddling it over the ugly truck’s box. A couple nylon tow straps tucked into the box’s holed corner pockets to be held fast with a bolt run through each loop. Everything rigged I commenced to pull down on the chain-falls lifting chain. One all the rubber band stretch had been taken up that Ugly’s cargo box felt as thought it wanted to sail. It were time I got out of it to watch the two remaining frame bolts I had left in it, watch after the fuel tanks fill tubes. About the best I could do was a good foot running out of lifting chain. Then so I neither had to try to squeak under it nor more importantly have it fall on me. I hand pushed the truck forward giving me an approximate two foot opening to get at the fuel tank tops and their combination pick-up fuel level senders.
Oh? Did I fail to mention Ugly had decided not to go again? I wish I could take as many restful vacations as that multi colored old relic! That was about as I got looking into Ugly’s failure to be readily cooperative on a daily basis. Had to go back to farming this afternoon.
The dinner hour having run late sort-a, I had loaded a brought home driven empty hay wagon along with my coming home ride. Delivering that hay and assisting Bro’ with his chores gates and finding some rubber straps broken and cast about the barnyard their loosened falling away.
Did I happen to mention I hate this weather, its presence making me feel cranky.
Take for instance, the kids will complain about wet grain, yet can wander around the place doing the chores and never see a potential or real problem. Them thinking about this I’ve got something else caught in my craw. Somebody working upon one the tractors he removed a couple pieces of tin. One factory I made myself to shed winter weather off the alternator keeping it snow and ice working free. I’d not had that shielding on that tractor if it wasn’t needed and had continued doing it’s very functional job for many years, Particularly after I had fought with that very alternator two years running so long ago. One these day’s I had better find those parts and install them myself. Meanwhile, I’m trying to decide whether the idiot leaving the parts off was either lazy, a more knowledgeable know-it-all, just a plain lazy ass, dumb ass, or more than one of any the above. Then if I should say anything, I’ll likely be called a nit-picker or a trouble maker. Dumb I’ll never accept, not when I made some proven gadgets that weren’t supposed to work by learned engineering standards! Now that I am finished this day with my soap box I’ll be putting it away until next time.
Darn it, I could sure do with some better weather to brighten my disposition and the ability to once more wear an easily worn honest smile.

Two pictures day before yesterday:
Snow is once more gone, our being rained on now. Could use some warmer than 50* temp to see things grow.

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We wouldn't mind if you sent us some to your rain.