Monday, April 11, 2011

4-11-2011 One pet peeve
I likely have a number of pet peeves, but listing them here I doubt I may even remember any to many. But for now, I’ll write about the one that has been my mind intrusive aggravater the last couple/three days. Let me start at the beginning. Some years ago, climbing on and off a tractor four time with every gate I either wanted to or needed to go through was simply wear on my old aching knees and hips. I started thinking, (A well known handicap with in local circles), There has to be a better way to pass thru any gate I choose. Thus I started researching the E-Net for radio control switching apparatus. It took me something like five years finding an purchasing the first single channel wrong one the first time. (I may still make it work at a later date?) I finally found a surplus offering three years ago and purchased two more. Building the first robot I found it a poor working asset having to give up on it. The second attempt looking good received the latest multy channeled remote radio controlled switch. OMG, it worked, but it’d be another year including a bust Summer into last year’s Fall before I finally finished it. With another radio switch, geared down drive motors, all the required cabinet materials, and knowledge to make a second robot number two will have to wait. But, still in a supply parts enough to build another one they’ll keep. I’ll deploy the first one somewhere once the Spring wet season has dried up.
A new season approaching Bro’ purchased two radio remote switched ATV electric winches. He tells me, “See what you can do with these. They seem to have a lot of your need already built into each one them.” So I’ve a whole new challenge.
Giving a couple weeks thought to the another gate opener I took it on a couple days ago. I’ve almost got it finished today. During the inter mediate time all inclusive these three days. A by stander asks me what I’m doing. I tell him and he immediately tells me I can’t do it with what part and parts I’ve started my assembly. Then when he’s nothing tangible to offer he goes on about doing something he was working on without me in the first place. I’m relieved. However, now’n’then he gives me one of them doubting Thomas’s looks. Quit understandable I wasn’t to sure how I was going to built it either. However I had what I had to start with and an idea how it’d look and work in the end. All I needed was the in between ideas and parts to bring it to a working finish.
Now looking like a workable finished product I’m getting instruction how to do this’r’that his way. Hun Funk Phooey! I’ll continue to do it my way “!!!!!!
I googled “earth's axis movement?” And was seriously, delightfully, extraordinarily, entertained for at least a half-an-hour. I suggest and encourage folks looking in. It is an enlightening collection of informative articles. Topics included the sun, moon, and gravitation forces. The articles included earth quacks and tsunamis, their influences changing the earth’s axis, the effects these same forces have on the length of our days and nights. Try it, you may like it. Your reading it will be your believing.
One more hour in the shop Bro was as usual un-brazenly closed mouth soul. There is no such thing as an, “At-a-boy!” to ever slip from his lips. His single greatest pleasure is finding fault in whatever it is he sees, vocalized along the line’s. “Oh crap!” almost completed he asked, “How does it work?” I explain how it’ll work and from where it’ll get the energy to do what is asked of it with a push of a button. Of course with the contraption nearing completion he also has ideas; but, my design so well designed (on my feet) his suggestions are which I with good practical sense I shot them down ending any conflict in ideas before they could irritate my soul.
Having to take Frieda to our Doctor I dropped her off an merrily went upon my way. I cruised a junkyard roughly a mile up the road. Seeing nothing of useful interest to me I drove South for my parts guy. My returns forgotten I’m to return them tomorrow when I pick up all the ordered parts in for morning pick-up unavailable today. And in some second thoughts, I’ll return to the junkyard for two, three oor more pieces steel channel suitable for the base pieces need my making some tractor mounted bicycle racks. When deserted, I may peddle back four times fast than enduring any long walk back. Enough of this line of thought. It were time I pick up Frieda from Doc’s office. My getting back for her I was more than in time enough. I waited and waited.
On returning home there was a metamorphose change from my lovable Frieda into a bossy Herr Clink. There was some question as to whether e were putting out the trash this evening. Herr Clink come across with some supportive lip. I suggested we get into it. She;s thinks she wants me to hit the road. I point out it would make little difference to me. But for herself she’d have to get off her arse. I also pointed out all I was doing around her putting up with her queenly ways suggesting she’d better put some realistic thought into her antagonizing assault upon my having asked her to bring a lonely bag of trash to the front door. I was not a happy camper, but as negotiated some fifty-four years ago. Any tiff had to be gotten over or forgotten in twenty minutes or less or face an all-night ambling tiring making up……….ruining a dawning’s readied rest.

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