Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Up for the usual water haul, brrrr, I’m cold and then chilled, if that makes any sense. Assuming my readied position in the Library I let it go. Joining me as liking the usual she winding her body in and about my calves and ankles. Thus so on my way back to my bed I check upon her wants and find she wants water. The water given she’s quite content purring some, nappy with the attention given her.
Regional temperatures hovering right about the freezing marks the house had cooled off. Being cold is one thing, being chilled is quite another. Being cold I can easily return to blissful sleep. While chilled on the other hand I shake and shiver unable to find that warmth that makes drifting back off into blissful sleep an emotional in probability. The airs were cold about me, settling back into my blanket I can’t find warmth, and uncomfortably lay there without that so sought after peace for a few more hours. N self intended making myself comfortable I check the wood stove and find a spark deep within the last morning’s ashes. A little pocking around adding a couple short pieces wood as if they are to be used as end irons in the fire box, I add a piece of paper and d few waxed milk cartons to act as kindling. Adding more firewood piece horizontal to the first two fore and aft beginning pieces, close the stove’s door and wait. I like that wait, the anticipation of radiated warmth off the heavy steel walls of that black box sitting in the middle the house. Hearing and feeling the warm I assume an comfortable feeling all is well about me. My bed has become more comfortable and cozily warm within my blankets. I expect the shadowed corners of sleep to once again over take my mind and body with the peace I so longingly desire. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Zippity do da, zip pity yeah. I awoke some hours later warmed and refreshed, the smells of wood filling my nostrils grander than the disgusting scents of heating oil, natural or bottled gas’s. Then I again felt all snug and cozy.
Now, getting down to the nitty gritty as to why I am where I’m at, While it may be difficult to put into words everything I got into today I did start and finish at least one accomplishment. I replaced a leaking tire on my most heavily used hay wagon. The deed all inclusive from the hook up, thru the drive, the jacking, the wrenching, not forgetting the breaking down, the tire irons dancing in my fingers like darning needles removing one tired tire to using them again slipping a newer tire on the same rim I had just emptied, next filling the durn thing with the freshest air I could bring to press into it, the tire reapplied to it, lastly dropping it off in the distanced hay-yard.
Not let myself to be judged a bragger, I’m closing this days urinal entry while it may contain some class if there be any found in it.

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