Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sun’s shinning….

….yippy I oh, yippy I yea. The morning’s Sun streaming in the window it’s the official last day of the known rainy month. Come on May Flowers.
Before leaving home I phoned son and laid down the law. Upon my arrival Hospital the banning was further taken care from Security to the lobby to Nurses on her floor. I enjoyed Frieda’s smiles. Nurse coming in to tell her she’d started paper work for discharge upset Herr Clink put her into a real tizzy. Then the patient advocate seeing my girl talked her into going home. So, my girl calming down needing to use the can, she exited her bed and flowed away. Upon her return she was followed back to her bed by a joining contingent of nurses, aids, and techs. Her monitor had gone berserk bringing this mob to her side. Her hospital discharge had been canceled her respiration having spiked hitting 178. Maybe they’ll get it this time? Any move she makes her breath is short and her heart races. She wants to know why.
I think I got it. I’m just to sexy for my own good.
Today I did a couple three things differently from what had almost become a normal pattern over the week. One, I had tried to phone Frieda five times today only getting her but twice. Secondly, that was about right as it usually goes, my only getting her to listen to me 40% of the time. Thirdly, seeing how quickly vegetation is starting to grow around here, alfalfa particularly talling up, it could be I’ll need be mowing hay in about three weeks. I want to be ready. The idea being fixed the fixing the damage I did to that poor mowing machine taking out a 6”x6” fence post last fall. Secondly. So I’m a two timer, when I’ve a couple three spare hours I can be readying the whole machine lowering the mowing deck, sharpening the blades, and greasing the machine‘s crazy zerks. As far as doing thing differently today I’ve just wakened after a late evening snack’s nap dutily rested up for a good night’s sleep.

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