Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4-2-2011 Yawning wide Tired
I must have had a one whale of a good day to have slept like I’ve just had. Whether it is liked o not I’m journaling the event and what lead up to tis all night slumber.
Okay, I spent my whole day outdoors in no more that a couple shirts with my bibs on in between. Then when I walked in to these kept home fires burning the warmth of the house and the little (ha) women a serious case of Spring fever it had to have been took me over. I had set down to eating a mackerel snappers Friday night supper, an all vegetable lasagna, followed with a decadent Lenten piece banana cream pie.
Unable to control myself I laid down and found slumber without the slightest bit of effert. With but one water haul and throwing a couple logs on the fire, I figured to low to revive a burning warmth, I was back out like a light. Zzzzzzzzzz
From 8:00 PM evening last until 7:30 AM this day whatever else happened I missed it. Okay, I’m up. It’s 7:45 Am, I sorted, my days pills, taken my morning’s lot. The Sun’s coming up just over the eastern tree line brightly warming the western tree line edging the pastures and hay fields. It’s going to be a pretty day and maybe, just maybe with a little luck I’ll have ugly standing ready to go on all four rubber tired feet including a brand new set of a brake pads. Some parts to first clean, though I do it year round, it ain’t ever as distasteful as treading mud any muddy Spring or Fall season.
‘Tis late Saturday afternoon with ugly properly setting out here in the drive way while I am home. Shop still needs some cleaning up after Ugly’s four days hanging out in the shop. It still needs some tinkering. One hub isn’t engaging just as it should. And seeing as how I’ve done away with a mechanical fuel pump I need to remove it and bolt on a homemade plate to close the hole in the block. To save this no longer needed fuel pump I need find me a couple fuel line hoses, fill them with some diesel and button them up for an extended shelf keeping. Late for lunch, headachy, slightly shivering cold needing some energy input, I had to eat something. As far as I was concerned my day was done. Oh soundless loud mouth, I’m yawning wide again. What’s worse I’m doing it earlier than evening last…

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