Monday, April 25, 2011

2nd report

She's doing it now...
...holding hands with handsome young doctors where she's got them surrounding her on one of them above the clouds horsepistol 9th floors.
Not looking or behaving well when I came in last night, hungry enough to devour a fighting-est Spanish bull a cape for a napkin, I dangerously loaded Her Mostess up in Ugly and bravely drove her to our favorite horsepistol's emergency room.
Talked to her this morning already. She's improving and sounding more like my girl. No idea how long they'll keep her while she continues “wheezing,” as she put it. I'll enjoy the peace and quiet around here only as long as it lasts.
An interesting side view this whole nasty business Driving in and out of the city the traffic was exceptionally light. There were no waiting line, parking was easy, absolutely no delays, everything moved right on along.
In contrast when I started out of the hospital for my lonesome drive home Police officers were escorting troubled loose people in the hallways. Out side the E-entrance there were six ambulances, five cop cars and one fire chief’s personal car standing where there were none when we came in, and this was only shortly after 10:00 PM.
During my drive home, at traffic lights, heavy fire engines on the way back to their stations idled past me. It must have been a busy night. Oddly enough I simply don’t miss seeing some of the imagined going-on’s living my sheltered farm life.
Further along my way I saw lit a pair golden arches. I wheeled into an empty lot, spent a moment alone with a two-way talking menu, moving onto the far window. After a short custom making two double McCheeseburgers wait, I munched away along my way home. It just seemed so surreal my whole drive home so little traffic their either passing me an old slow mover the such as I or my or passing other motorist coming head on. Bright lights were the most unusual twilight zoning happening my last evening’s drive home. Erie, hey what?
(Friend Sue (mistress:^) had said I’d find some observation to write about. This may have been it?) Who has more fun accepting people? People!

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Paula said...

Better get her outta there soon. Those doctors are a lot younger then you Fern. Seriously hope she is much better and home soon to tell you what to do, 'cause you need it. lol