Friday, April 8, 2011

I’ve lost a day, again.

Regardless my opening remark, the 7th was a Hell of a bad day. Interruptions I got nowhere with the Ugly truck. Dam, I need it bad. There’s a dead short somewhere in the vehicles wiring.
Well as I had planned I was on the road early the WD45 and I made to the shop, rounded up all my want list’s item, when I was interrupted. Thankfully that was after my tool and parts round-up had been completed. Bro’ wanted company new calf checking. The pasture earth baren one lady looked as if she were to momentarily ready to pop. I was about to mix some salt and talked out of it for a change in mix ratios. Fat chance with Ugly down I’ll get the supplies I want on sale. Crud!
So I gassed the tractor and headed for home. It were my lunch time. I was two hours getting home running into three acquaintances. The first one, a gentleman I was thinking about calling only day before yesterday stopped out today. He caught me in Bro’s farmyard. He’d been near to Hell AND gone last fall surviving a heart attack and a quadruple bypass. Oh! Was I ever more than glad to see him.
Second interruption neighbor Brad caught me at the only corner between the farms. His news involved the family break in artist criminals who had been breaking and entering raid our neighborhood had just been caught. Mom had been casing their victims, her boys doing the break-ins when the coasts were clear. They didn’t count on somebody being home catching them in the act an held them at pistol point for the cops. Once the cops got them a talking the whole family enterprise had been revealed PLUS the cops found one of the thief’s hand gun used in a recent shooting in his car. And, this guy had only recently gotten out jail for another earlier shooting. I hope they throw the keys away after these guys career criminals making them all somebody else's locked up babes. (hehe)
Third interruption Tom comes rolling along. He’s had his head together with Bro’s and they’d decided I didn’t have enough to do! (This my story.) He tells me he’s going after a hat wagon. What I didn’t know was between them they had decided I was going to load that very empty wagon with dry bales. I didn’t know this until my lunch was interrupted, “Have you loaded the hay wagon yet?” Crap, I sure was happy to suddenly learn I was instantly expected to do this chore for everybody else. All I wanted to was work on Ugly!
The 4020JD backed up to the wagon and pinned, I was off. Cussed mud oozing out from under every and tired wheel. I’d spotted the wagon. Decided to feed my ladies looking out across the scene I see a horrific sight. A little newborn calf mired in a pool of mud. I call Bro’ reporting what I’m seeing, just so’d he'd know. I spear a wrapped bail, open it, drop a wire at the further end of the feed lot, drive out feeding the mob in a feeder some distance apart. Coming back to the calf, I twas a small one 60#’s or so I judged. I wadded in. the poor little guy (bull) was mud free his eyeballs up over his head down a fur or five inch width down his back. Holy Molly I couldn’t pick him up and carry him out of that vegetation free soup. It was one hand hold one his limbs, my other hand pulling upon my sucked in boot my foot just in it, we worked it the hard way out of that eight inch depth mud hole. The calf cleared of the mess I let his mom take over. She picked licking him off. (I’ve heard rumors about our eating a bushel of dirt before we die. She was getting more than her share.) She was/is a good momma.
Leaving my charges to themselves with a hope they stay out of trouble I move the bale ring all but lost in the bovine made mud. Re load it and thinking about loading that wagon when here comes Tom. I walks out there, hangs around, which wasn’t a bad idea keeping an eye on them while I do my loading thing. An extra ball on the loader I backed up to the wagon. All hooked up ready to roll here comes Tom, talking, “I come to hook you up. There’s no calf in the mud.” Holy Shyit, Dick Tracey, He’s had his head together with my Bro’ and he’s blind as a bat, missing the fact that calf was all mud colored save the red hairy strip over its face to the end of his tail’s body attachment. Yet, I’m assuming he thinks he’s some kind of a hero.” Cheese‘n’Crackers, It was all he could do to raise two litters of pigs before he got’em a couple/three of the whole out of them all to useful sizes. His first calving season, seeing a couple calves on the ground he’s become an expert.
By the time I had finished picking up after all the help, who’d showed up, some I was thankful to see, who’d brought up the cow and calf putting them into the barn’s adjacent sick bay yard. Lastly I closed m gates, hand fed the single cow, walked around Ugly once closing the barn, I was exhausted hurting. My day was done.
Frieda managed to make us a decent supper, I had only gotten it eatened, and I was sleeping before quarter to eight PM.
Backing my afternoon, it was an eye filled treat to see that tough little bull calf on his feet and after a couple attempts had finally found his personal dairy bar. (broad face smile here) It’d been a good and bad day all wrapped up in one collage of varied colors.

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