Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4-18-2011 About today

It is a good dark of the morning. I should still be asleep. Ha, well so much for sleep. Must be some sort of a preliminary plan making time. Myself to lazy to chisel any ideas in un-erasable stone I’m going to leave my day totally open for mind changing? Lets see, what shall I do?
One thing it’d be easier rolling around under Ugly on the shop’s concrete floor, This idea constitutes thinking about. It’d help to finally finish stool. Once done it may be put out of mind. Then no need to go back to it. Then worry about moving JD tractor and plow. Wait’ll last moldboard may get here early them the plow may be finished without moving it three times. Well, looks like I’ve got a few half fast ideas. As well as way yesterday had gone, I see no need to rush into today, any forethought hard and fast ideas, in anyway, shape, manner, or form… (smile)
My morning’s shop entry found me going straight for the cut pieces for Bro’s stool. A few token nails to just hold it together Punched it full of screw holes filled with the latest new generation wood screws.
When I had finished the stool I turned to looking for my paraphernalia I use to fill quart bottles from a bulk bucket. It was getting onto 1:00PM when I had finished filling a dozen quart bottles with ATF. Then it was a bummed ride home.
Can’t believe it, Bro’ was actually communicating with me all day from before breakfast to even calling if I were ready to roll after lunch.
My after lunch return to the shop in no particular numbered order I do-ed the following. The two tractors I wanted started refused. Had to run two different power cords to reach them for the big gun engine starter/charger. I swept out the shop floor. I cleaned the snow off Ugly so’s it could dry some before advancing it into the shop. I unloaded some the loaded cargo box as to rid Ugly of more snow. Plus it was another needed way to lighten the box’s weight. And then seeing as how the moldboard hadn’t come the JD with plow had to be moved for my pushed ugly way into the shop. The JD moved it was time to bring out an Oliver for the Ugly’s pushing. I need to photograph that mechanical process one of these days. I can’t count the number of times I’ve forgotten that little detail. That was one clean and clever innovation what took the kink out of a vehicle pushing chain. Some three and a half hour passing I had all set and ready to go, plus I had to be finishing something I had things to do to home. Feed my ladies and wrap my trash.
Hard up for a bit of help I found Chips help. He steered Ugly while I road the Ollie pushing sick truck into the shop. The Chip gave me a ride home. This was my day such as it was.

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