Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Part One Tuesday

4-19-2011 The rest of the story……
….in a moment.
A couple things about evening last. For one thing, before I could do my chores around here I had to fuel the 4020JD. Now, or my regular readers, you my remember how ’T’ed off I was bout a week or ten days ago, somebody had borrowed my big-a tractor fueling funnel. Well, I wrote I had gotten it back , even worse I had wondered what I had done or where had I lost it. Okay, so I got it back. It’s under my control. I know exactly where it is. Needing it evening last to empty two five gallon cans gas into the 4020 I was back to what I call dribbling the gas from those 5-gal cans into a half sized slow going plastic funnel again. A horse on me, I know exactly where it is. I had put it in Ugly’s tool box so I know where it was when again I needed it. Yeah sure! Out had to come a step ladder so I could slowly pour out those under rigid control into a funnel’s who’s neck was smaller than the fuel can’s used to poured there contents into it.
Myself the only handy individual on two working limbs, I took every reasonable precaution to fuel that 4020 without falling off something.
For a second thing, upon my entering the barn for my two cans stowed emergency fuel (gas) I had heard more new life. I had coming to my ears the hushed, gentle little sounds of innocents, kittens mews. While I could not see them I heard them calling for their mother coming from a very general direction. I left them be. I’ll look for them another time.
Now for the rest of the story. It seems Tom hadn’t told me everything about his lower back, hips and knees for the true cause of his aching discomforts. It seems a few days ago exiting the JCB skid-steer loader he miss stepped or hadn’t a solid footing coming out of that machine and did some un-witnessed unorthodox gymnastic maneuver landing himself solidly on his can. Thus the most likely cause of all his lower back, hips and knees aches and pains. Tom seeing Doc yesterday, enough x-rays shot his amenity nothing crushed, no broken nor fractured bones were found. Found though a more than healthily useless arthritic spurs in all his joints. These were the cause of all his painful discomforts, likely along with some hidden bruising. So, Tom is relatively okay as far as safe from succumbing to any broken bones fo the time being. Wimp!
This also helps complete yesterdays events or adventures?

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