Wednesday, April 20, 2011


At 2:00 AM in the morning and I am awakened by some heavy base footed band outside put on in addition to his thundering music a spectacular light-shows flashed over my windows. Now he might have presented a better show than the black and white one I saw had it been in technique color. But with such entertainment provided for my assessment I suppose I can’t be all that fussy for no more than I was paying. (sigh)
With such clash banging serenading holding my interest, I found sleep not easily found either on or under my pillow. We must have gotten at least two inches, maybe even three, for the creek had spilled well over its banks. Morning’s TV news casts reported we’d had some hail thrown at us. Frieda had said the same thing the windows taking the beatings they had. It’s a wonder then no glass was broken. So while I fruitlessly rolled between flannel sheets my mind replayed evenings and nights from an earlier time with the pretty maid I had succumbed to her trickery making it my idea to take her for a wife. I reminisced my favored roll to my right always finding cozy the warmth and softness her being, had brought into a changed boy’s lonesome life. A man I had become with the responsibilities to appreciate the wonder’s on nature between my given spouse and myself. Given? Yes given in it was her cleaver manipulating she’d chosen me to hold her close, to lovingly caress, to emotionally sooth her fevered brow for a lifetime. She was and has been my favored top billed star in my life.
While I was witting the immediate preceding I was thinking about my Ugly truck. Today it was my plan to open the gasoline tanks and find the cause of all my Ugly’s motoring problem. Well, I opened those fuel tanks and immediately found nothen; nada zilch, zip in either one of them to most importantly a drop of gasoline in the same two empties. Now the question was how’d the full left side gasoline tank come up empty. This required some sort of action upon my part while taking my time to roll myself a smoke given me time to think about the discovery of a very out of the ordinary problem. It is about here with the flick of my bic the whole of the problem was perhaps coming to light. The next thing was to take all of Ugly truck’s pieces back together again.
Putting the tops back in the tanks was only a start. It was most important I really find the cause of all our teamed unpleasant motoring before dropping the cargo box back where it belonged bolted down.
My first idea entailed the need of another individual. Bro’ with his an old injury problem was out of the present question. Then there’s Tom always wanting to make pessimistic suggestions which usually include doing it his way be it right or wrong. I had to do it by myself; and, by myself I could take all the time I liked with all the time I needed; but, how will I do it? Trying two/three unworkable ideas the last method was the charm. I put a made up air pressure regulator on the under the hood end of the vehicle’s fuel line. Adding a couple pounds air to the disconnected under the hood gas line, going back behind the cab to look, watch and listen, while at the same time flipping a three way brass valve round the varied stops it’s quadrant for the original splitting the two tanks into one feed. Hen I was about to finish the last moved fuel line connection Tom walked in. No time to give me another quarter to half an hour this supper was most important. Phooey, I called it a day. I could make the last gasoline line relocation connection first this morning. Set box down, perhaps even have Ugly running so’s I may grind grain.
New question, who’s going to fowl it up for me tomorrow?
All in all, I had one Hell of a grand day today, doing it my way.

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