Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4-18-2011 About yesterday

Yesterday weren’t a good day. The Cushman up on for wheels I was wanting to put it in the shop for a day or two. Yet had so much to do to get it there. Other projects to get out of the way the best manner in which to do that was to just finish them, have them done once and for all. The JD plow just off the apron could either be moved or transferred from the lighter 4010JD to the heavier 2150Oliver. That requires doing sooner or later anyway. And will be a-field about that day the last moldboard gets hear. Then there’s the tattoo in seat for Bro’s need. Most of it is cut out waiting the start of assembly,
Bad Gosh, I need fix a tire on the wood-hauler. Been needed for some time. And backed up to the deck with a load of wood on it I just as soon leave it that way until I absolutely need it. So, my present thought is to either look-up or find a ready set go spare for that trailer. Be durned if I can remember if I've already made-up a spare for it? That’s something else I’d better check on today.
Well backing my morning’s efforts up I never made it to the shop. About an eighth of a mile down the road the Ugly truck quit again. It turned into one them get out and get under situation. Only a couple day miserable rain put a kybosh on that idea our living on a muddied up gravel road. The weather turning bitter cold in my Ugly’s fuel starvation difficulties I tried switching the electric fuel pump back to the mechanical pump. This was fun my fingers freezing when our rain turned into miniature snowballs. I worked at it diagnosing Ugly’s problem until the engine was covered in enough snow blowing in upon it over my shoulders. Not getting anywhere without a better tool for removing gas line clamps needing a proper wrench and my fingers requiring thawed and warmed Tom’s domicile was but a couple hundred yards away. It were time to take a walk.
At Tom’s house I found him in a wheel chair. His hips hurting so badly he couldn’t manage an easy chair and was aching to return to bed. Meany-while.., the telephones and lights for the whole neighborhood were out all up and way down our road. It just seemed as long as I was having so much fun why shouldn’t the elements really get other necessities involved also. Calling Sparky, He eventually called me back to tell me a big-a tree had been blown over (down) upon the power lines.
A proper made up nut driver put together with a combination of tool pieces I managed to change fuel pumps. Ugly’d still no go. Luckily Brad come cruising along. Between his help and the 4020JD at home we towed Ugly back to my homeyard’s driveway. The day so miserable I checked a second time upon a brand new that morning’s newly born bull calf. Then feed the ladies here and at Tom’s. This was my day or most of it. Only an hour left by the time I got in I opted to give up on my day’s entire preplanned day. Disgusted, cold, wet, and generally fully teed off I called it a day. I didn’t even push the Ugly truck into the barn. I decided to forget it until tomorrow. Now, it is that tomorrow I had put off until today. Now, I’m trying to analytically make another brand new plan for today. Bah Humbug! Looks like a fuller day to make up for my lost weekend Sunday.
“Rainbows?” {;^))

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