Friday, April 8, 2011

Calving Season’s Hear

Calving season's started a red (& mud-colored) bull calf I had to carry it out of ten inch mud, one hand for the calf the other for each mired in turn.
For my efforts I slept 13 hrs. Up and out, with an over slept dirty conscience, first thing this morning feeding the cow, checking the mob another bull calf roan was born to a roan cow.
This last guy bigger (much) than the first I'd to get him up beside the barn some time today.
Ha-hal-halle-halleluiah! I finally got that Ugly truck’s problem worked out. My troubles centered around a poorly put together a starter rebuild. One of the copper field bars coming out through the starter case where it was to initially attach to the solenoid. One those bars had been drilled off center. What happened it had over time opened on the ultra thin side of the drilled hole, eventually slipping off sides breaking continuity between solenoid and starter fields. On close examination this picture there is an odd shapped piece brass bent around one side the junction making one the starter and solenoid. This where the problem, I fixed with my odd washer.
Up until this most recent ingenious fix I was a long near bringing out my nug and put that freaking Ugly out of both our miseries.
Lower back and left knee yelling at me most the day I took a many a frequent sitting it down or out breaks. For something even more different to do out of the ordinary. I took me a chair and garden rake out in the road and tried a controlled burn my wind blown tree leaves gathered in the ditch. My hope was to uncover the tiger lily’s I had planted year before last so that they may multiply with more vigor this summer than last. Well as it turned out nothing burned against the inherited soaked up winter rains and snows. Besides it was while I was sitting on my Dad’s once upon a time referred to I had sat on my brain in my arse.
I also took a number oh walks out back worrying about that newborn wandering into a mud hole. Well, his mother had been good about staying put with her calf on an abandoned hay bale parking site.
Getting back to the Ugly’s problem pulled the damnable started once more. Ah ha, I finally found it when changing solenoids the field bar had slipped out from underneath to conjoining screw between the major starter components. Sacrificing a barnyard’s zipper tang, them using a pair pliers and a hammer I made to hold those slippery bars together for once and for all. Upon my last components assembly it woiked. Put back in the truck, It turned the engine over. Ugly now refusing to start again. Yipes! What the same-Hell is going on. Looking the top of the engine over I found a problem in the hand chock control. A pair pliers making a couple/three hard bends I had it nicely working.
Priming the carb for about the umpteenth time Ugly’s engine come alive. Picking up my tools, gathering my leftover messes.
I let it run. Well, why not let the jalopy truck celebrate. Enough outdoor celebrating I left Ugly where it was turned off inside the barn. I did my chores. Came in and uncorked a healthy looking vino bottle. Supper was served 7:15 PM. I’m as happy as a clam. Wheel’s fixed, belly ful, hitting the bottle, and I know I’ll sleep good tonight. Best part I come up with a couple innovations for making another working robot gate opener. And where are my Cushman parts. How’d they shipped my parts, via the Siberian Express?

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Sue said...

You are one persistant man, getting ugly running is fabulous. Good for you