Thursday, April 21, 2011

When I’ve got it….

….I got it! I can say that for this day of days. I spent the morning right on through dinner time finishing putting the Ugly truck back together after finding and fixing the cause of all Ugly’s problem over the last eight months. A gallon/two gallons gasoline in the two fuel tanks It was all systems go when I made an attempt to start Ugly after it five days down time. Backing Ugly’s time line back eight months hat was when I installed the second fuel tank. What had happened at that time I had run the fuel lines in and out of a tank switching four-way brass valve. Ant way all’s correct now, to Ugly’s engine is even running on the original mechanical fuel pump.
Now it seems I’ve an extra electric fuel pump on my (our) hands. That’s alright. With at least five, opps seven, machines electric fuel pump equipped there’ll by use for it sooner’r’later.
Ugly running I made a b’line for a Crossroads filling station. Patrons backed up out the door. This is now the only gas station at the Crossroads. So I braved to asked, “Can someone show me how to use a credit card in the gas pump. Another patron volunteered, my following her right out to our neighborhood local price gouging scourge. My lesson learned I thanked the rather attractive young miss suggesting, “I wish I could take you home with me.” I had said, “Only my wife would make me bring you right back.“ For my spoken thought, I got back a charming smile and a giggle as she walked away. Holy high-karamba Fatman. When I had finished fueling Ugly the gas tanks were worth more than he whole truck itself, at $3.99.9/gallon. Thinking I’d pick up a couple gallons milk while I was there it was durn near as high at $3.79/gallon. I opted to stop by the Village Grocer’s on my way home. Milk there was $2.59/gallon. With moneys left over I used the savings buying some celebration’s rolls for tomorrow morning’s breakfast treat.And returning to have I got it? I finally have gotten Ugly fixed once’n’for-all. Plus a second biggy, I made a young lady’s day righter. (grin)

A couple Ugly pictures:
Ugly’s cargo box hanging around in the shop.
Ugly’s fuel tanks exposed to my examination and eventual fuel lines reroutings.
Tomorrow I’ll try to photograph the most essential tools I had used for repairing changes.

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