Monday, April 25, 2011

4-24-2011 Cushman’s home

That’s right the Truckster is sitting out here right beside the driveway all fixed and ready to tend to my fields work. That is if it ever dries up. I’m happily ready the two of us taking on some those yearly preparation chores for haying and pasturing.
Now that that mechanical critter is home I’ve got some farmyard fencing to fix and no need of the Truckster this job. Still a joy to drive. Didn’t take me long driving home. Trial run don’t you know. Bro’s ranger parked down in this barn Looks like I’ll keep the Truckster in Bro’s garage a-while. Some fix? Got fence to fix and no need the Truckster’s help, so I’ll just point it the repair site and let it watch so’d it wont feel completely left out.
Easter Day it is and I’m happier than a cinnamon stick wildly flavoring a cup-a English tea. No Easter egg hunt for me. Had surrounded that basically stubborn Truckster and bent it’s will to at last serve me, as what was originally intended only some 10’r’12 yrs ago, all over again. Only driving it back to the shop it ‘s behavior was absolutely nothing like it had ever been before. Such a nicely running vehicle if it were for the fact I know it’s history it drove and behaved as thought it were new. So touched with its behavior I sanded out some vividly chipped paint on the front cowling. Washed with soap and lacquer based cleaner paint readied surface. I touched up those chipped areas with another shade wrong yellow. I’ve got the proper touch up color around here somewhere. Until found this present fiasco still looks better than the white blotches what once were. For now it suits me.
I picked up shop, filled cans with JD4020 gasoline, come home, and fueled same JD. Clock approaching 5:00 PM I had about gee-geed out. Fostering no complaints. Another beautiful calf has come into the world. What a wonderful time of year to witness life’s renewal.

I’m sharing this picture with the mechanically minded.
These were the odd ball tools (or out of the most ordinary) I used in my mechanican this last couple weeks. Okay the flat like ratchet wrench saw action on Ugly’s pickup box. While almost all the rest the tools saw action on the Cushman too. Particularly handy was the peculiar looking needle nose pliers pushing’s’pulling fuel lines on and off fitting both vehicles, they also served me well holding small nuts in areas on the Cushman where I couldn’t comfortably use my fat fingers, without a dozen more same nuts for all that might have been dropped and lost. They come in sets of three’r’four from Harbor Freight.


Donna said...

Hey Fern, what's up with Clink? I saw on Facebook you took her to the hospital.

Paula said...

I know what the Q-tip is.