Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4-5-2011 Quetionableable Day

I swear I am a fugitive of some number of injustices. Everybody else around the farm is sick. Ugly’s the worst. Every time I think I have Ugly’s misbehavior figured out it has crossed me each of the last three days. My disposition would drastically improve if only I had something running? Bro’s is gone some several days without sleep for an on gong attack of phantom pains. I can appreciate his dragged through a knot hole pain filled sleeplessness. Tom’s sick to bed. His indiscretions involve making idol promises to give me a ride sometime during the day each day. So, waiting between those two I’ve mounting hours of idol time on my hands thoroughly wasted. Ugly’s taken up a doing nothing attitude refusing to become active in carrying my lazy carcass up and down this road I am at least un-amusedly miffed. I’ve on couple last material supplies to either bypass or jump across a couple dead wire uses in Ugly’s wired nervous system. Now thinking one last modification I’ll have fixed Ugly’s theoretic clock for once more and last, The best part this last go around between the two of us it is supposed to rain today and the muddy driveway was just approaching the leading edges of driving up. Curses! Okay wet or dry, looks like an open station tractor drive to the over end for another piece of heavier primary electrical system wire to broaden the system…. Oh crap! It is quarter till 2:00 Am and I’m thinking and writing this in ridiculous circles. Well, so be it. I’ve just late night snacked upon an orange, a half glass milk, and a couple cookies. (yawn) I think’s I’m well rested enough to get my daily dose of beauty sleep. Zzzzzzzzzz Opps, yawn, I suspect all the preceding has been written for the wrong day. I’ll ‘splain later…..

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Paula said...

Just checking in to see whats new with you? I like to snack at night too but I would have to have some chocolate with that milk.