Sunday, May 1, 2011


I’ve stayed home a second day, unable to talk to Herr Clink since noon.. The woman is driving me Crazy. Do you read me? CRAZY!
Staying home a second day in a row hasn’t seen me set the Foxfire Farm farms on its ears. But it has allowed me to put the straightened out damage parts back together on the rotary-mower-conditioner. They don’t look like new, but they do look reasonably functional.
I talked to Her Mostess somewhere around noon, and then the lines of wired communication must have died. Filly our youngest daughter finally got through this evening going thru hospitable channels until She got to the nurses station who in-turn passed the message onto the hibernating hostile clam, Herself finally getting thru to her mom. Mom’s message darling daughter passed onto me Boss Lady didn’t want to talk to me. Her complaint her talking tired her out. From what candid news I did get she’ll be ready to come home tomorrow, her pain’s gone.
So this is all I may report, she hasn’t even allowed me a code key for my asking details her physical condition before she’d know for herself, then she may report for herself. Eeeek! I am so very glad there never be any more news report any descending the pitter patter little feet running about the house. At least none of our own.
Supper was good. A neighbor brought me in a Lion’s club pancake breakfast this morning. I supped it for my evening meal. Does it always taste better if somebody else fixes supper?
Oh give me strength, I feel just as tired as if I had worked hard all day. Sleep tight.

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Paula said...

Hope Frieda gets to come home today. I bet shes ready. You have nice neighbors to bring you something to eat. We have one little neighbor girl who brings us sweets when she bakes.