Friday, May 20, 2011

5-20-2011 My real day

It is now noon, I been out back enclosing the hay-yard, an adjacent part of a field that’ll not be harvested hay, plus all of that area the ladies had once occupied this last winter’s weather on dry pasturage and the emptied hay-yard. All this I‘ve just fenced in sure to let my Shorthorn country ladies to peruse the delicacies waiting for none but the most discerning appetites in my neighborhood to graze and let me know if my offering was pleasing to their palates.
Meats balls for lunch I was well fed. So fed up (grin) I had to sit a spell to let my dinner settle. Then I was off again out back to tidy up what might have been needed for the ladies next pasturing.
Things looking good here I scootered down the road to fix a fence the other end. Had some nastily rusted wire to replace. Did that, gassed Cushman (aka. scooter) and cans, checked more fence. Feeling my day’s pain for all the fence I had walked and the pesky multifloralrose trimmings. Worn down more than enough, “I hadn’t felt like extending my day.” I was homeward bound.
It might be said it has been a good story telling day!

PS: I jelly well story follows.

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