Sunday, May 22, 2011

I been challenged “Hic”

1st entry
I had written something like, for a good dinner wine the imports are the best. Okay! I could be wrong and I’m going to have to look into this further……
Meanwhile I am using the following quot to help me explain my position:
Two men talking....
“HANSEN: Explain the relationship between alcohol content and taste.
Mr. KUTCH: Sure. As alcohol goes up in wine, it brings out different characteristics in the wine. Pinot noir, being the most sensitive or delicate, I'd almost say finesse-driven grape of all the varieties, has a big, big meaning when that alcohol changes or elevates or decreases. So, you really want to have it at a lower alcohol level because it brings out more of that beauty and finesse.
HANSEN: Describe the difference then in flavor. Will the wine taste lighter?
Mr. KUTCH: Not necessarily. A real important part or aspect of making the wine is the pick date. So, when you pick grapes earlier they tend to have and retain an acidity and the sugar levels are lower in those grapes. And then when you produce the wine, lower sugar levels equals lower alcohol levels. If you pick riper, the grapes are hanging on the vine longer, what in turn happens is you have higher sugar levels. Higher sugar levels translate in the fermentation to higher alcohol levels.
HANSEN: Is it just the selection of the grapes and the time that you pick them or do you manipulate the production of the wine as well?”
…….meanwhile let me speak from my childhood experiences: I have considered that part of my childhood growing up on the farm my most informative years.
Bottom lines: Work periods were long, playtimes short,
Learning was almost out of this world excellent. It was at that time when I had been started in a beginning war time school classes growing weekly by leaps and bounds teachers were over loaded in TWO a day classrooms trying to learn kids in thirty-five student plus crowded classrooms. Folks fed up with the growing/growning city life moved back onto the farm from where they had originally come from.
Cutting too the chase on that farm my folks had a five acre vineyard. It was just barely manageable for them its existence was a practically guaranteed income to cover the property taxes and some expenses. Every fall my little brother and I were pressed into wild abandoned employment harvesting those grape within threes days after a Fall’s first FROST. The challenge as to leaves those grapes n the vine the longer the better for low acidic high sugar content. The higher the sugar the more the grapes were worth upon delivery the winery’s pickup station where upon the grapes chosen form three lugs where squeezed and tested for that sugar content. The higher the number the better the final payment. Most American wines were ,then, made for the palatable taste second only to the cheap buzz. This is the way I saw it and until I’ve researched the American wines further.
Personally my wine making skill has been limited to making the sweeter after dinner desert wines for our home’s use. Although I have riskily made a few bottles of Apple wine bubbly now and then over the years. Frieda giggled the bubbles tickling her nose. I shan’t go into detail what had tickled her fancy next. (hubba hubba)
A future Dinner menu could very well include an ultra fine domestic dinner wine with the/my main course, Crow?

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