Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It is 3:00 AM and I’m supposedly tired, really thinking exhausted. Okay, I’ve got Baby Boom on the tele, Della wanting that rare attention from me, I want to sleep giving up the widdl middle of the night notion. Shucks, maybe I’m thirsty and hungry. Ah ha, I’ve got a solution! I’ll make me some Celestial’s “Sleepy Time” herbal tea. Yup and much on just a few potato chips I bought cheap. Disliking their taste a very few go a long way, besides I’m not supposed to have all that much salt. So, I’m trying to psyche myself back to sleep even if not dream land. This is a bummer.
I usually either come up with new solutions to how to fix old, repair current, build new, or better yet how to pull Herr Clink’s chain. Night’fore last I come up with a sneaky solution how to get her a traveling O2 bottle she’s supposedly legally denied. I’ll cap on how I managed to pull it off in one of two ways should I suck-seed….. Dran, that tea has a haunting sort of a flavorful taste. Me think’s it time I lay it back down. I’ll report upon the zzz’s gotten accomplishments benefit later.
Now, back to my regular scheduled programming: (Hey, did I get it right this time?)
It feels like it has been a long day. All four the Disc’s four center gang’s mounted u the that implement’s main frame, Plus some tidying up a couple more parts areas to finish the rebuild.
Have I mentioned I’m exhausted. Today’s efforts to get our machines field ready has drained me to the point this work is getting to be much for my own personal frame.
Now if we can just get something a-field giving me some laid back tractor time. Me’s thinking it be a restful place behind a wheel just so long as I don’t fall asleep and fall off a tractor. I know I haven’t the steam to chase down a run-away tractor. (big cheese grin here)
Wow, what a beautiful day. A nicer one couldn’t be asked for. This is my kind of comfortable working weather.

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Paula said...

No please don't fall off that tractor.