Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just another farm Sunday

2nd day's entry.
Just another Spring day following all those that had gone before. Warmer than last week, wetter than usual. It has been a dampable Spring to contend with if there ever was one or had there ever been another like it. While like a lot of us may talk about the weather there’s little we can do about changing it into what might suit our individual needs. “It’s been rain, rain go away, come again another day.” Whoever wrote this had to have been sick in the head. Any way, getting out I found we’d had another shower. The grasses wet all the way up to my knees I wasn’t any to eager to go tramping through rain soaked grasses dampening my pants and shoes. I play it cool all morning. I fed and watered my cow in sick-bay. Then went into public relations mode….shooting the breeze with a couple neighbors. As noon approached I thought to myself why hurry now. I’ll have lunch and then look busier than _ell. It all boils down to organization.
While I supposedly missed it Bro’ brought me a dozen more cows from just down the road and dropped them off. No more bailed hay to feed them they might just as well eat it at the source. With all the rain we’re getting the pastures could not be greener.
Just to make living among trees going on a hundred years and more old so many of them and the land the grown have/has become so water logged the trees are either collapsing from their own weights or uprooting. Nature has been it’s entertaining craziest best around here.
After making lunch for us I abandoned Her Mostess and went fence tending. Had a good time if I may lie. Started out with the chainsaw cutting up limbs small enough I could handle them for ease of movement either ditching them picking them up or pitching them into wood piles to gather i later. Next I walked down the wires lifting them out of matted leaves or unsnarling them from falling limbs as the case may be, all of-course without kinking them three sides the pasture.
Eventually the wires all back up and working I snuck away to go Crossroads hardware store and market. Can’t tell ya what I wanted from the hardware store; but, I’ll know it when I see them. The other thing was milk. Food from the gods milk, my staff of life. Better than a beer, not quite as refreshing as cold water or in a pinch iced tea. I save my beer drinking for little celebrations. Yeah, I know, I’m a weird one…so be it.
Getting back from the Crossroads I finished my afternoon’s play in the same pasture where I fixed feces cutting up more wind-falls. Next winter’s fire wood is starting slowly to pile but will be mounting as time goes on. By time I had gotten home I was late for my rattlers. Took them and did my evening chore. Grained the single cow in my charge.
With Bro’s Polaris Ranger towed home last night my barn’s parking space reopened I managed to bring out my Crapsman lawn tractor and fairly well did a good job mowing my yard, almost. Goofy tractor run out of gas right at the very end of the ramp. I took as a sign to make supper. macaroni and cheese was quick and easy. I ate it and liked it. Finished, I gassed the tractor and finished the lawn mow, even some the other side the driveway. He day had turned out nice. Still no haying started nor crops planted, nor ground work either for that matter. Ohhhhh Lawd! Its going to he asses and elbows when the weather breaks. Then it be the doings that’ll do us in even if were not broken.

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