Monday, May 30, 2011

5-27-2011 Sleep Escaped Us

Woke up to continued rain. Such miserable weather. What an interesting night. Both of us pee-bodies. I was likely up about eight times immediately going to sleep each time I returned to my bed. Her Mostess upon the other hand up about the same estimated number of times each time she returned to her blankets she tossed and turned even to sit up a couple times out o sheer sleepless boredom.
My waking for good this morning the house so very cold and damp I had to start a fire out of pure need for ourselves preservation. My breakfast: Wild honey on toasted oat bread. The honey to counter act sums the Spring and Summer allergy’s facing me the season’s haying days, the oat bread to continue scrubbing my arteries and veins of nastily none cholesterol pluggers. For Her Mostess’s breakfast she couldn’t make up her mind. So it shall be, she’ll either skip it and loose some weight getten up and forage for herself and loose some weight via the exercise? (evil grin)
Double dealing. The trash pick-ups on Tuesday my side of the road and Friday’s my neighbor across our road we’ve come to trading trash, which works out much better for both our un-necessarily having to keep our stinken trash’s a whole week’s worth until our next individual trash day’s pick-up. The same company serves both side’s the road and the driver’s don’t mind. These guys are a-okay. One exception, I don’t carry a whole pickup truck load across the road.
Some manufactures are wising up putting details involving what goes into their products. While I may not be writing this well, just the same, myself unable to find the papers that had come with the por purchase choice my buying a Ryobi String trimmer I was pleased to fine Ryobi (Homelite) Co. had put a parts and assembly pictured information on the intrnet. Maybe my purchase was such a bad on after all. I had originally purchased it for two reasons, price and need. The needed part was in the extended (extensions) chainsaw accessories I so badly wanted to cut (trim) unwanted limbs out from over head so needed clearing tops my tractors and also important my empty head. (there had been talk somebody mentioning looking in one my ears and seeing daylight out the other at same time) (smart Alec)
Studying the informative pages I found offended part plus it’s ID number and price. I could either instantly order from here and pay hefty price for shipment or order locally and wait same amount time for arrival for less money.
Part ordering taken care of might better put offened trimmer back together keep rest parts from loss. May try again to start like trimmer bought at yard-sale. Figured two power heads better than one for use with all differently configured, reconfigured, or other wise southern end implements. The industrial world does come up with a worthwhile surprise every now and then.
It’s 2:00 AM Saturday morning 5-28. Just woke after sleeping since 8:00 PM evening last. Can’t sleep thinking about an old romance. I had only closed my eyes for a moment. I didn’t even see myself drift away. Waking up, thinking I’d not be easy going back to sleep opted for whittling on an apple and bit of carving on a fat o’ piece of cheese some unlucky mouse didn’t get.
About the girl, I’m pissed off at her Ma, denying her daughter a properly lived romance sheeting a lovely colleen out of a whole Winter’s courting, Christmas and New Years parties, a proper period time for the colleen’s chance for proper dreaming, celebrating a last who-rah under her maiden name, enjoying a couple three showers I’m sure she’d been blessed with, celebrations an up coming winning event. I’m PO-ed having missed courting the pretty colleen via Winter dances, candle-lite dinners, taking her tobogganing, washing her face in snow, and perhaps some other rather devious devilments. (grin) Butt, a-lass, the best I could do was ask her to dress up in her finest, her Wedding evening outfit, walked her through a couple short city blocks shoveled snow to over look our old high-school’s senior class. Entering the school gym’s doors we were met by a commity of past teachers. Two teachers I remember exceptionally well.
One a Miss Holmes, she was my home room instructor and the girls gym coach. She was liking my Mom when I was in school. She talked and sounded like my mom in every word and tone she ever spoke. There was no way getting away from continued being a good boy. (sheesh) She was rosy cheeked all smiles. She was oh so happy for my bride of almost three weeks. Giving my girl a hug to last a lifetime.
A second teacher Mr. Jessup taught economics, book keeping and standard math. This gentleman I had never seen a smile even upon his lips all my HS years. He grinned and smiled the entire widthe of the Lobby. Although I had never had him for a class, he took my hand squeezing and shaking it and my arm loose in my elbow. I had wondered if I would ever swing a construction hammer again. I was to young to be maimed.
Asking if we could watch the Christmas Ball proceedings from the balcony, my heart sunk when we were denied. My bride was delighted when we were commandeered, commanded more like it, for chaperon duty, we were instructed to check the punch bowl, the dance floor, whatever nook and cranny, behind any open door we might find ourselves in we were free to check these places possibilities. I had gotten my Mrs. To one of the high-school parties she had missed. My bride was delighted. I was mortified as Hell. But by the time the evening was over I was exhausted in a very happy way. I had managed to entertain my wife in a most remarkable fashion beyond any other kind of a party imaginable.

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