Monday, May 9, 2011

“I thought I had seen….
….seen it all today!” Almost first thing out of the box I was summoned down the road. A cow was in trouble and I had to either catch her or driver her into the barn.
The cow pushed into the barn, tied to a post, Tom holding her head, Bro’ put the chains on the unborn calf’s front legs. When it came to my turn, to do my part, I got to pull the calf. The deed done. Then we all got out of there so’s they could bond.
Here it comes. Ready for this? Here it is!
Our heroine Frieda aka. Her Mostess, Herr Clink.
Della der house cat.
Sweetheart the world traveled cat, mouser extraordinar’.
This story starts with my coming home, walking through the door what did I see?….
I suppose it had to come to this. Della jumping on top a chair havin’ seen a mouse. Sweetheart refusing our hospitality to come in upon a friendly invitation. Even if it were for our good we’d let her to rustle up her own fresh meat vittles.
I can’t help but shake my head in wonderment. Sitting upon the couch as comfortably as pleased her Her Mostess with Della beside her, Frieda was trying to show and tell Della the Cat and Mouse the way in world, through both of them watching a televised “Tom and Jerry” show!
Now I ask, “Will odd balled wonders ever cease to exist?”
Lunch put away, filling der belly out, it was time I readdress Frieda’s seeing Doc. His office closed for lunch I run down the road for another man’s need of a piece of exhaust pipe. Along the way I had called Doc’s office and got a promise to bring Frieda in straight away. Bro’ was our volunteering transport and driver. My leaving ahead of Bro’ for home I had to see to it Frieda was ready. It were ten minutes of 3:00 PM appointment time already. Yeah, she needed a bit of help. So, here I was putting socks and shoes on her our motoring out all awhile I was remembering those days I ritualized taking clothing off her. (sigh) but, enough of this….Getting to doc’s office I had Frieda walk near the length of the parking lot trying get her oxygen level for perhaps a change in her qualifying status for portable oxygen. Hmm! Seeing as how I had forgotten to have us stop for milk, I’ll get the travel oxygen set up my Frieda needs. There’s more than one way to solve such a problem-ed law ruling!!!!
As usual we were the last people out of Doc’s clinic. Over three hours time Frieda was subjected to all manner of checks and double checks. Z-rays, EKG, BP, o2 levels, stethoscope listening. Her medications gone over Doc made but one modification. He cut her back on one medication saving it as he explained for emergency use.
Late back home little time was left for much of any really productive production. I did however run into a certain pump I’m interested in acquiring. Over the years we’ve had a difficult time loading/unloading calcium chloride fluids in tractor drivers. Looking this machine up on Enternet it is made of Stainless steel. What a fine, if I can only complete the buy it in a couple/three/four days. It shall last (the rest of our lives) use for years.
It wasn’t a bad day. It wasn’t a great day. It was a day I hadn’t heard anything about my Ugly’s carburetor. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. We shall see what it brings?

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Paula said...

Doesn't all ladies jump on a chair on spotting a mouse?