Friday, May 6, 2011

5-5-2011 Looky what JD brought home

Looky this. First one I've seen. To me an interesting old machine to me.
Looks to be in good shape looking underneath. Previous owner thinks it may need a bearing. That's no news to me around here. I quite often lose all my bearings.
Do some PTO shaft cleaning. Add some grease and oil. Hook it up behind the 951 Ford. I want to see what it'll do. Supposed to be roughly some kind of 1950's vintage Ford 78" cut flail mower: grass, weeds, and small brush. Off-set like it
aught to woik good along-side fence lines.
I was busy all day. Little of this, a little of that. Mostly I find myself fretting over all what I can’t seem to either get to or get done. Seems like I’m continually preempted from a many (Hell, all) things, machines, chores, whatever needing timely attention done let alone well done.
Tom’s sick! I mean really sick! He’s been diagnosed with lymphoma by our country Doc. Now we’ve got to get him to treatment. Such news has this place in an honest hardly good news turmoil. Some treatment is paramount to save and keep him amongst us. Now it is how to move him through medical channels.
Seeing as I’m a day late with this urinal contribution, I’m leaving it as it is. All of us in Shorthorn country could use some serious “Rainbows.” stuffed into our in box.

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