Saturday, May 21, 2011

World’s end….

…has kept me so busy with running hither and yond, two elevators for shelled corn, weight slip, supplements, pick up empty feed box, setting up equipment, and generally sweating my tukhus off. I did this finishing up the whole lot plus loaded out my afternoon’s needed tools for other end’s fence fixings. I even wrote this while cooking lunch all before high noon.
World’s end prediction had to have come from another cracked-pot and I was looking forward to a day off to watch all the subordinate nuts run around as in more nuts. (grin)
Dinner come’n’gone, left here to go Bro’s with ground feed. That taken care of drove out back to make fix Bro’s back fences. Just as I got there he calls wanting some vinyl gloves. So I delivered. Then I’m told about an inner barnyard fence problem. Could I fix.
Okay. So while I begin preparations for the next a apocalypse. The hot wire was two fold shot as in brittle and corrosion rusty insulated. Old wire removed and rolled for scrap, the ways cleared I set about a complete electric fence wire rebuild; corners, including switches, gate closures, beginnings and ends. This took me most completely the entire afternoon. Checking fences strength, it was a 9.3LW hot. I’ll get back outback tomorrow.
Even as I worked upon the fence a local lady gave my Cushman a custom car wash. ‘Twas nice of her.
While I’m posting one picture here’s another one a magnet equipped crane unloading scrap tin off the wood-hauler day before yesterday. All done with it, fifth trip, I left the freezer cabinet behind as well this time.
This is it for a truly rare sunny Shorthorn country day….

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Paula said...

Lookes like the local lady did a pretty good job. Could you send her over my truck needs washing.