Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Almost a “Ho Hum” day.

Nothing particularly exciting happened today. Lakes and new mud everywhere of any paved road might be said I’m shop bound. One thing I managed was to totally screw up what I really need to do during the next couple days. Any pans I should have made should not have included having Tom weld some he wood-hauler’s tongue jack anchor. Now I’ve got the wood hauler near fully loaded with scrap iron to get rid of. Bummer, I had forgotten I had some appointments to keep come tomorrow morning. My problem is becoming more complicated by the moment. So, tomorrow afternoon I must finish topping off that scrap load one-way or another and get rid of it. All because I’ve only one bale green hay available to last the ladies into the weekend. No doubt about it I’ve got to finish my fences using the wood-hauler behind the WD45 to carry my fence making needs. There’s no way the Cushman could even make it across the barnyard to go outback. On top this the last of my dry hay is needed down the road. What I’ve got left is a couple haylage plugs to keep the ladies an extra day If I should need them. Add a big plus when finished with the haylage wrapper last Fall it was left where it had finished its work last Fall. So it has to be moved. As muddy as Shorthorn country has turned into Ugly won’t even make it moving that heavy machine out of here. (fun, fun, fun)
The brightest moments in my day involved my turning into the lower-drive having Ugly just a stomp its way around down and up over the grade to where I had parked out her aside the house. Shure nice to have that mechanical critter doing what I wanted of it. (I’m one proudly happy camper over Ugly’s proper mechanical working‘s) (smiles)
Getting home I wasn’t to late taking my rattlers. And while I waited for my medications taken hour slowly dragged by I fed here and down the road’s rushing’s time feeding all these ladies. Oh yeah, by the time I got back in I wa ready for chicken.

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