Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rain Day

M so disgusted with rain, rain, rain, and when we aren’t getting rain it is raining. I refuse to associate with any fish, for fear I may up and grow gills.
Today’s activities I fooled away my morning up to naughty shenanigans on the internet. Nothing enticed me but my memory sure was hyperventilated or hyper stimulated to no good. This after noon I stowed away off and on in the kitchen doing dishes. Do a batch, let them dry, do another batch, let them dry. Why I even found a counter top under one pile. Stove’s covered with soaking pans.
All this activity has brought out two things in me. One I wish my Mom had made me do dishes, they’d might not be as bad to do as I swear they are. Secondly every time I put my hands in water, I’ve got to go a pee each and every time. And as wrinkled as my hands are getting I don’t know that I want to be seen in public after today? I men I’ll be wrinkled more and dehydrated older looking than I am.
Well, It’s time to go get my hands wet and really go-go. Nuts!
KP break time. Just mixed me a Cherry Juice and Ginger ale drink and got off my feet.
Along with the continued rain, we’ve got rolling thunder boomer’s over head nicely entertainen me in with my woik.
Soap box time.
Everybody knows no job is finished until the paper work’s done during library meditations. The new generation paper rolls are shorter narrower, squattier, the sheets shortened and thinner. Think of it all these paper roll improvements haven’t cost us one red cent less. Rumor is this re-dimensioned paper is saving us our wooded environments.
Soap bos’s free.
Well, It’s off and on time again with a fresh hot batch wash water for the poys and pans.
Put supper on ate and did more dishes and three fry pans. Kitchen’s looking better but has a long way to go. Enough for today.

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Paula said...

Share some of that rain but I'm not complaining with what some folks are putting up with. Wish you could teach John how to do the dishes.