Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weather’s questionable

Yesterday’s rainy day was liking an unusual back wash the we stuff blown over us from the East. Got been cause some body out East didn’t want it a sent it back pushing hard at it.
Frieda and I have been blessed another day. We're preparing for the world's Saturday end, making sammitwitches and getting in an 18 pack beer.
Today's gonna be a busy one fur me. Got so many things to, made plans, and having forgotten a couple impotent aptpointments there may be times I wont know for sure whether I should have either been coming or going. Thank goodness I don't box myself like days it's going to be today.
Oh well! Grinning and bareing it....
PS: In the loco news we've some serious flooding which doesn't happen all that often. Whew. All the last three/four days rain continues catching up with us. Shorthorn country's has gotten enough new lakes to keep a flock of mallards busy stocking them with freshly laid bluegill fish eggs.
Life has some day's more of a hoot than others.
Story time:
This morning’s GMA TV show, they asked viewers whether they preferred public or private marriage proposals? My bride and I were denied either one. It happened something like this: I had introduced myself Thursday, we picnicked Sunday (6hrs), Monday I asked if she like to dine and dance? Picked her up a couple times for a motor drive-in hamburger (both with onions), on date night dressed to the nines (she vamped me)(I still hate that little black cocktail dress in navy blue). My first picnic love at first sight reaffirmed within a week or so after our second date, a few coin in my pocket I mistakenly purchased, locally, a set of rings.
It was June, July only days away, while I had the money I was guaranteeing my Christmas gift for my special lady well ahead of time. What I didn’t know, there was a big mouthed busy body in the jeweler’s store had immediately gotten on a wired grapevine. Everybody in town hearing the news even before I had time to realize what I had done. Only a very few short hours later stopping by the pretty young colleens kitchen for an afternoon cup-coffee, her Ma laid into me for who was I buying rings while my seeing so many other young ladies besides her Frieda? OMG! Taken by complete surprise and by no means myself not the only first one, that bonny colleen in question had just come through the kitchen door hearing everything as she approached her Ma’s side. Frieda hearing the key words immediately spun on her heal to turn away in astonishment. Only, only she had given me her approval without knowing it for as she supposedly turned away from me in embarrassment I saw her left cheek rise into a broadest opossum eating grit smile. She knew then who they were for…., the vampress. Everything out in the open upon matters none of witch yet were her Ma’s business, whomever all was in that kitchen left save for mine Frieda and myself. Composed she asked if I had gotten coffee and wordlessly served me. The kitchen in total and continued silence she sat herself down at the kitchen table across from me. Then what happened next shouldn’t have happened to a dog. As I lifted the steaming coffee cup to my lips the steam rising up my nose, she had let her right foot kind-a drifted across the free space under that table and stroked the suddenly tender side my calf in a second approval’s caress. Totally surprised I burnt my lip, snorted hot coffee up and out my nose, and knew I had just been irreparably been had.
Back from the burbs a whole dollar short the wood hauler’s load of tin‘s value. This returning home could well find me tagged with another impromptu name, Mr. Goofer. From where I had cashed in that small load of scrap I was but only a block or two from where could have turned in a core on that troubled-some rebuilt Ugly truck starter I been hand to hand combating for most of the late Winter and early Spring.
Then to add more goofing up to Mr. Goofer’s shame had he properly had that small oxygen bottle with him he could have turned East three miles and come out only three or four mile North of that oxygen re-supplying depot.
Well at least I’ve my wood-hauler back home, take that, add it to the WD45 I can finish mending my immediate fences for the ladies, I’ve only one bale left. I’ve got to turn them out on something new tomorrow.
Long into evening late coming in, the hay-yard’s empty. My hitting my wall with a double whammy the fence fixing will have to wait until morning. Making a couple late afternoon mistakes I found it most prudent to quit for the evening before I had made a real mistake. I’ll accept what I had managed done as good a day’s efforts success.

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Paula said...

I always like it when you tell stories about you and Frieda's spooning days.